Message of Love With Chess Discoveries

June 7 2021

Ended today’s walk with a message of love (last photo). I began the walk a bit heavy, ending the walk much lighter.

June 10 2021

Discovered this morning. They’ve added the chess pieces! Thomas used to love playing chess. We’ll have to give it a go if he can be patient with me, as I’ve forgotten everything about it!

Jolt of Inspiration With New Additions of Sparkling Warmth

June 1 2021

Thank you to Mother Nature for completely shifting my mood this morning, and for the jolt of inspiration.

Thomas and I had a sunset walk around the community, and discovered three new additions. An outdoor chess table (will get a photo next time), cornhole, and a foosball table. We had fun with that one!!

June 4 2021

Forgot to post these from yesterday’s walk. These beauties, this time of year, bring an abundance of joy. Honeysuckle fills my heart and soul with golden, sparkling warmth.