Cool Clouds With Walks and Strong Winds While Solo Dancing

April 13 2022

Very cool clouds today.

April 14 2022

Forgot to post these from a walk a few days ago.

April 19 2022

I didn’t get to have a walk this morning as it was raining, with very strong winds.

So I had a solo dance party instead. Love Train by The O’Jays played. This song always gives me goose bumps. Love it so.

I did step out for an errand, capturing more awesome clouds.


Throwback Post: Clouds with a Bicycle at the Dentist With Books


August 8 2014:

Great cumulonimbus clouds in Reno this past February 2014 … So cool!! ♡


August 8 2013:

Mr. T has decided to pass on his 1st bicycle y’all! It’s an Avigo One Eight 18 inch boys BMX bike with training wheels. Easter Bunny says she paid $60 for it. Message me if you are in the Reno area and would like make an offer and give it a new home.


August 8 2012:

Dentist adventures for Thomas …. Such a brave little dude!!!


August 8 2011:

End of 1st day of VBS for Team member T and L!!


Thomas and I met his kindergarten teacher today and as she and I were talking, Thomas says to her, “You are beautiful”. Don’t think she was expecting that one!! Hahahaha!


Lillian’s books arrived for the 2011-2012 5th Grade School Year! Pretty excited unpacking all of them! Go Team Member L Go!!

Dreamy Clouds With Color Sticky With Sap

October 19 2021

Yesterday’s walk. Clouds and color.

October 20 2021

Such a magical walk yesterday. I touched the tree trunks, the leaves, the fluffy bushes along the way. My hands sticky with sap by the time I was done. It was one of those walks where the body, heart, mind, and soul hum with bliss. I may be reaching, yet I think some of you may feel it shining from the photos. ❤️🍁🍁🍁❤️

I accidentally caught a leaf in action, drifting from the tree. I zoomed the photo and took a screenshot so you could see.

October 23 2021

Dreamy, creamy clouds from a few days ago.

Boosting the Joy With Great Clouds and Orange Memories

September 27 2021

Walks soothe whatever ails, walks boost the joy, the love.

September 28 2021

Great clouds last night.

September 28 2021

Memories of four years of walks, climbing trees, throwing rocks and sticks in the water, playing in the snow, and many inspired poems. That was the walk this morning.

October 2 2021

Forgot to post these orange beauties, from a walk last week.

A walk with Lillian earlier in the week. It’s difficult to get her out of the house these days. Success!!