Throwback Post: Countdown to Moving With an Inspiring Sunset Bracelet and New Beginnings With Books


June 22 2016:

The countdown is on! The Romano Duo left this morning on their way to Reno! Due to arrive on Saturday! Thomas and Lillian have been counting down since we last saw them at Christmas. YAY!


June 22 2015:

Just made another trip to The Romano Casa. Getting excited for moving day this Friday.


June 22 2013:

Two more cool pictures from last night’s sunset. Sooooooo beautiful. It’s clear why Thomas thought it would be awesome to have a roof that opens so we could see this inspiring sky from inside the house!


Sandra wanted wild n crazy purple … so she got black lava and purple mother of pearl! Thank you tons and tons for your support! Sandra is a new FB friend and not a part of the “C18 family”. We are blessed by her kindness! It’s on the way to you Sandra!!


June 22 2012:

Just got back from taking Thomas to the bus stop for the last time … Bye, Bye Kindergarten and Brown Elementary …. New school next year for first grade and I get to be the “bus driver” for Thomas and Lillian!

Thomas 6.22.12


Mailing more books … Some amazing clouds out there today!!

More Beautiful Flowers With a View and a Sunset Walk With Moody Clouds

August 26 2022

Today was the day Thomas only has one class so I wait at TMCC. More beautiful flowers, and I explored the library this time. I love the library. Great chairs and tables to read, or do work, with an amazing view from the second floor.

September 5 2022

Sunset walk one day last week.

September 7 2022

Sunset last night. Moody clouds to match the 106 degree temperature. 🥵🥵🥵

Reno broke the high temp record yesterday. Previous record high was in 1944 at 96 degrees. We broke another record a couple of days ago. 🥵🔥🔥🔥

Throwback Post: Cute Tree Spreading Love While Packing an Outdoor Lunch With the Tooth Fairy


July 24 2014:

May 2014 Sunset in Reno …. Love the cute little tree basking in the Sunshine …. ♡


Today’s spreading of love … Making heart shaped shadows on the walls in the Team TLC Casa! ♡


July 24 2013:

Finishing the packing of the suitcase today for the TeamTLC Reno-to-Atlanta-to-Savannah-on-less-than-a-shoe-string-budget Adventure for the 2013 Chromosome18 Conference …. Do I take up space in the suitcase with D iz for Different books? I’m thinking all my C18 friends who want a book already have one! What y’all think conference goers?? It’s a fabulous day to pack a suitcase!


July 24 2012:

Outdoor lunch adventures with Lillian while Mr. T is at Dr. Seuss camp … Off to therapy adventures in about an hour!!


The Romano Duo have arrived!!! They’ve said “so long” to Vegas baby … they are DONE with Vegas adventures!! The Duo are here with Team TLC for 2 weeks and then off for visiting family adventures in Washington, California and Mississippi for a couple of months … We shall see where they decide to land after that ….. Y’all know where Team TLC wants them to land!!


July 24 2010:

We had the pleasure of a visit from the Tooth Fairy! YeeHawwww! (Although, Thomas didn’t understand and cried cause the tooth fairy stole his sister’s tooth right out of her mouth!!) Hahahahaha!!

Lillian being very proud of her visit from the tooth fairy! Tooth Fairy left her 5 big ones cause Lillian was so darn brave in letting her Momma get that tooth out the night before!!

Doughboy and USwirl break!! Yum!!


July 24 2009:

Last Frank Romano special in this abode! Thanks Frank! Love my step-father! At least from now on he won’t have to walk 2 houses down to deliver it!! Just down the hall!


Throwback Post: Sunset With Books


July 25 2014:

We’ve been busy all afternoon with adding another Team Member!! Her name is Lovey. She is Mr. T’s new companion and we’ll post a picture tomorrow. Letting her get comfy in her new home tonight! Thank you Freecycle and The Nevada Humane Society! Details tomorrow … xoxo


July 25 2013:

Played hide n seek with Thomas this morning, read a little, wrote a little, had a quick library adventure with Thomas and Lillian, watched this beautiful sunset, finally finished packing …. 8 hours til we get on the plane and head to Georgia for the #Chromosome18 conference! Two VERY excited kids who had a hard time falling asleep thinking about our fun adventure about to begin = priceless!


July 25 2012:

For those that have been asking … Yes y’all, I will be at eWomenNetwork Reno/Carson/Tahoe/Vegas/Sierra Nevadas Chapter dinner event tonight, and will bring some books with me … I can take cash, check or credit card! Can’t wait to see my eWomenNetwork Peeps!! (I LOVE this picture!!!)

Delicious Clouds With Progression of Thunder and Lightning

July 31 2022

More of these delicious clouds this morning.

August 1 2022

Progression of the clouds yesterday afternoon before we got about 20 drops of rain! 😂Smelled and felt so good.

August 5 2022

After the downpour of rain last night. That was a wild storm! Lightning strikes very close to us, with the loudest booming, cracking thunder I’ve ever heard. One struck so close to a car in front of our place, that it caused the car alarm to go off. Lillian and I screamed, with Basil running to hide. Wild!

August 6 2022

I think this was Thursday, maybe Friday.

Thomas’s hiking/camping trip had to end a day early due to the wild storm moving through. I didn’t feel up to picking him up, so thank you times a million to Frank for doing it for me.

Throwback Post: Sunset With Wind Chimes and Classes in the Bubble Bath


July 28 2014:

Sunset at Little Washoe Lake … June 2014 …. So magnificently beautiful!! ♡


Just finished a connect the dot party with Thomas and Lillian on the veranda. Now there’s a storm moving in ….. Cool!!! Can’t wait for dinner on the veranda tonight!


July 28 2011:

It’s official!! I’ve finally completed Lillian’s enrollment in her new school for 5th grade!! She starts August 29th! I’ve gone through 2 hours of orientation to be her Learning Coach and I’m still not done – probably another hour remaining. Another GREAT adventure y’all . . .

We had a little Welcome Home Mama and Lillian party tonight – Pizza, Doing our own thang, Bubble Bath for Team Member T and watching a short movie!! Watch out cause this Mama gives you a bubble bath when you want a bubble bath!! Team TLC Bubble Bath Adventures!! WooooHoooo!