Throwback Post: Are You Grateful


September 17 2013:

Overcooked chicken, almost burned fries and yummy pasta for dinner, some sort of racing/speed walking game with Thomas and Lillian, golf with a pinwheel and piece of chalk for the ball, being decorated with imaginary clothes, sparkles and tattoos by Lillian, shadows and streamers, reading a chapter of Heidi to Lillian, reading the story of “America the Beautiful” and about water bugs with Thomas, 20 minutes of goodnight rituals, one bowl of hot buttered popcorn for Mama …. and I’m going to bed overflowing with gratitude. Grateful we have food to cook, a back yard to play in, amazing imaginations, books to read, laughter and tickles and pillows and beds to sleep in …. and grateful for my little family! Sweet dreams y’all!


Throwback Post: Gratitude With Dinner and a Detective


October 12 2012:

Suddenly I see … Suddenly I see why the heck it’s so important to me … Suddenly I see … And I’m so darn blessed and grateful for my friends, family, supporters and encouragers for your LOVE!! Happy Darn Friday Y’all!


Inaugural dinner for Team TLC and the Romano Duo at their new place!!! YUM!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October 12 2011:

Just found this in Lillian’s folder on Evernote – She’s hilarious y’all!

“Family” by Lillian –

Camilla is my mom and she has a blog and website and is 41:

Lillian is a daughter and a child and has a blog and is 10:

Thomas is a son and has a website he would like to show and is 5:

What do you notice about each age?

Camilla’s age is a big two digit
Lillian’s age is a small two digit
Thomas’s age is a small one digit. He wishes to be 6:)


Tonight I am in awe, speechless and overflowing with gratitude for 12 very special women in my life {and the unbelievably awesome view I got to experience tonight}. That is all!


October 12 2010:

Get to do a speech today at Toastmasters (Reno Downtowners Rock Y’all)! Titled: “A Different Place” ~ I know some of you can guess by the title what the speech will be about!! Gonna take my fellow Toastmasters on a 5-7 minute journey to a different place!


Thomas, “Mom, did you know girls could marry boys? I’m going to marry a girl named Vanilla.” This as he was eating some vanilla ice cream!! Just adore the things this little man says!


October 12 2009:

Sporting her new hat & bag (for her iPhone). She says she looks like a detective!!!

Throwback Post: Desert Tortoise With Electricity and a Warm Coat on Jupiter


November 8 2013:

Thomas’ class just welcomed two new members last week … Two baby desert tortoises, Charger and Shelly! They are having a ball learning about reptiles hands on! Thomas told me this morning that they take them outside to the garden every day and Charger and Shelly LOVE it! They also have Beta fish in the classroom. The students are responsible for caring for classroom pets and take turns taking them home during holidays. I hope we get to welcome Charger and Shelly to our house during one of the breaks! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this about HDMS and Montessori in general. Warms my heart and floods it with LOVE! xoxo


November 8 2012:

Thomas’ gratitude for today:

I’m thankful for electricity.


Lillian’s Gratitude for today:

I’m grateful for my nice warm coat.


November 8 2011:

Today I am thankful for people who write books . . . cause I LOVE to read em . . .


November 8 2010:

So grateful that my kiddos are so well traveled! These two say they have been to all the planets in our solar system. Add that to them telling me they lived on Jupiter before coming here and I’ve got two rocking kids!


The Loving Kindness of Others – With Gratitude

January 23 2023

I have amazing news to share. On Saturday we were gifted a vehicle! A friend’s neighbor hasn’t been able to drive her car for about a year. My friend explained to her what had happened to our car and asked how much she wanted for it.

My friend messaged me in tears to tell me that her neighbor wanted to gift me the car. 😭 Then I was in tears, too! 😭 I went to see her on Saturday. She would not accept any money from me and I came home in the gifted vehicle.

It’s taken me since Saturday to accept that this happened. You would think I would have been elated! However, I waxed and waned between feeling like I didn’t deserve this, being grateful for it, and thinking people would think I’d taken advantage of this beautiful, kind woman.

Thank you so much to everyone who shared encouraging thoughts, sent love and hugs, shared your stories, and who donated! It means the world!! 🥰😍🥰

Record Breaking Snowfall Inside Our House With a Swim

December 27 2021

Apparently we had record breaking snowfall yesterday and today (broke the 1970 record). Can confirm. It even snowed inside my house! I’ve never had that happen before. The door was closed and locked all night. No one came in or went out.

December 29 2021

At some point in my life, I may tire of the 3 or 4 months of cold weather. For now, I’m enjoying the heck out of it, along with the opportunity to swim and hot tub in it. I feel blessed and grateful.

Delicious and Yummy and Physical Healing and Gratitude and Independence and Micro Greens and Eye Sweatin

December 31 2019:

Finally had one of these yesterday. After brewing a cup of Peruvian extra dark roast coffee; I placed one of these beautiful wafers atop the cup for a few minutes as Jessica and Marten had explained.

And then … As I bit into this piece of pure heaven, I was saturated with the ooey gooey good feelings one has when savoring a delicious food!! Oh my yum!! Thank you again Jessica and Marten!! 💖💝💖💝💖💝

January 1 2019:

The tree makes for fabulous background for picture taking …. Heehee!

Had to take a picture of this glorious yummy frozen dessert that I treated Thomas and I too yesterday. Vegan Double Chocolate Delight made with cashew milk. Good grief! That’s good stuff! And I just noticed it’s between the snowman and the snowflake … Perfect!!

January 3 2019:

As I wait for the feeling to come back on the left side of my face … Another shout out to those that helped make this procedure possible. Oceans and oceans of gratitude …. 🙏

Hard to believe that little hole was causing so much discomfort. Turns out there was a deep cavity there. New crown being made that fully covers the area so this doesn’t happen again.

Whenever it’s doable, next up is a few gum line cavities and the only other crown I’ve got needs to be replaced as it’s got a pretty big hole. That one doesn’t hurt as I have no roots in that tooth.

2019 seems to be beginning with the theme of physical healing. I’ll take that!!! 🎉🎉🎉💖💖💖

January 5 2019:

Still at it. Almost once per week, 10 minute walk on the treadmill followed by independent time at the lodge. 💞💞💞

January 5 2019:

I feel it’s no coincidence that micro greens are heart shaped. They’re incredibly good for us. Yum, yum!

Yet, thought it so cute how this one propped itself perfectly for me to see. Love, the micro greens. 💚

January 5 2019:

I made fresh pico de gallo tonight to go with our tradition of every other Saturday nacho dinner.

Thomas had finished eating, Lillian was in the bathtub. And, I was alone chewing my nachos. A wave of emotions hit me like I imagine a tsunami wave hits land.

My eyes began to sweat with liquid gratitude for the miracle occurring in my mouth. I was chewing the nachos on BOTH sides of my mouth. I have not been able to do that in about 2 years. I’ve had to chew crunchy foods on the right side only.

I’m aware this sounds silly to some. Yet, this post is not for you. It’s for me and others who are stricken with gratitude, bliss, and joy over seemingly small things.

I alternated between laughter and eyes sweating the entire meal. I realized I had been given back something more than being able to chew certain foods using ALL of my teeth.

This had nothing to do with sadness. This was pure joy, gratitude, bliss, peace, reassurance, and LOVE. And that pico de gallo was damn good! ❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️

New Snow Boots and Veggie Chili

December 11 2018:

Thank you to one of my guardian angels for new snow boots that are waterproof and with awesome tread!!! No more 9 year old snow boots with a hole in the bottom!! So incredibly grateful!!! ❄️🖤❄️🖤❄️🖤

December 12 2018:

Veggie chili tonight …. My taste buds were in chili heaven. 🌶💚❤️