Throwback Post: Gratitude With Dinner and a Detective


October 12 2012:

Suddenly I see … Suddenly I see why the heck it’s so important to me … Suddenly I see … And I’m so darn blessed and grateful for my friends, family, supporters and encouragers for your LOVE!! Happy Darn Friday Y’all!


Inaugural dinner for Team TLC and the Romano Duo at their new place!!! YUM!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


October 12 2011:

Just found this in Lillian’s folder on Evernote – She’s hilarious y’all!

“Family” by Lillian –

Camilla is my mom and she has a blog and website and is 41:

Lillian is a daughter and a child and has a blog and is 10:

Thomas is a son and has a website he would like to show and is 5:

What do you notice about each age?

Camilla’s age is a big two digit
Lillian’s age is a small two digit
Thomas’s age is a small one digit. He wishes to be 6:)


Tonight I am in awe, speechless and overflowing with gratitude for 12 very special women in my life {and the unbelievably awesome view I got to experience tonight}. That is all!


October 12 2010:

Get to do a speech today at Toastmasters (Reno Downtowners Rock Y’all)! Titled: “A Different Place” ~ I know some of you can guess by the title what the speech will be about!! Gonna take my fellow Toastmasters on a 5-7 minute journey to a different place!


Thomas, “Mom, did you know girls could marry boys? I’m going to marry a girl named Vanilla.” This as he was eating some vanilla ice cream!! Just adore the things this little man says!


October 12 2009:

Sporting her new hat & bag (for her iPhone). She says she looks like a detective!!!

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