Throwback Post: Are You Grateful


September 17 2013:

Overcooked chicken, almost burned fries and yummy pasta for dinner, some sort of racing/speed walking game with Thomas and Lillian, golf with a pinwheel and piece of chalk for the ball, being decorated with imaginary clothes, sparkles and tattoos by Lillian, shadows and streamers, reading a chapter of Heidi to Lillian, reading the story of “America the Beautiful” and about water bugs with Thomas, 20 minutes of goodnight rituals, one bowl of hot buttered popcorn for Mama …. and I’m going to bed overflowing with gratitude. Grateful we have food to cook, a back yard to play in, amazing imaginations, books to read, laughter and tickles and pillows and beds to sleep in …. and grateful for my little family! Sweet dreams y’all!


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