Throwback Post: Love With Trouble and Dinner While Watching the Sunset During a Photo Shoot With Fresh Apples and Wild Horses


October 7 2015:

I ordered supplements we’ve been out of for months and months. Received the order today and there was a bottle of LOVE included!! Got a bonus love bottle!!! All ya need is love! xoxo

Oops! I’m in Trouble now!! Fun game with Thomas tonight.


October 7 2013:

Overflowing with gratitude and feeling blessed that I get to experience such beauty … and that if I’m in the house my kids will come running to find me and make sure I see it … Sunset last night …

Here’s to great food, gettin to be Thomas and Lillian’s Mama, a roof over our head, and Halloween … Salmon burger, fresh veggies and homemade fries! BOO!


October 7 2012:

Thank you Ashley Graham for making ALL this happen! You are a rockin, fabulous and amazing woman!!

Thank you Jeramie Lu for the FABULOUS photos!! We had FUN doing this photo shoot y’all!!!

Thank you Janet Storie for loaning me beautiful and fun jewelry from Sparkles to wear for the photo shoot!!

Thank you Tina Mokuau of Tina Mokuau – The Makeup Artist for powdering my nose too!!!!

I’m grateful to everyone involved and blessed to pieces to know y’all!

Top honorees from last night’s Plum100 Celebration Awards Show:

Artists & Icons: Grae Warren, Reno Tahoe Tonight
Community Leaders: Pete Parker, Summer of Service & NPCatalyst
Charity Drivers: Marty Ozer, Ronald McDonald House
Foodies: John Pinocchio, Pinocchio’s Bar and Grill
Risk Takers & Visionaries: Chris Riche, Discovery Museum
Business Owners & Industry Experts: Toni Suttie, Integrity Casting
Extraordinary: Camilla Downs, D iz for Different
Scientists & Tech Savvy: Eren Ozmen, Sierra Nevada Corporation
Super Heroes: Michael Hernandez, Reno Fire Chief
Beautiful Minds: Wendy Calvin, Geology-University of Nevada, Reno

Thank you to everyone within the Plum100 you are all incredible and influential.

Celebrate the courage and character of the Reno region with the 100 most influential people within the area.

We are recognizing Super Heroes, Business Owners & Industry Experts, Community Leaders, Foodies, Extraordinary neighbors, Charity Drivers, Artists and Icons, Scientists, Savvy Techs and our region’s Risk Takers and Visionaries who lead our economic engine.

There are ten people within the ten different categories which make up the full list of 100 and only one of them will be awarded as the top influencer within their category. This won’t be your average awards night!

See the Full Plum100 List:

This event comes complete with two film crews, outside influencers, photographers and media coverage.

This inaugural event brings our regions most influential leaders together along with the community in order to show the world who we really are. Join us and join an eve of a new era for the Truckee Meadows.

Our beautiful wild horses are paying a visit to the neighborhood ….. A very peaceful and warming site indeed!!

Hey Donna Holland!! I finally did something with all the apples you gave us!! Baked em and topped with vanilla coconut milk yogurt!! YUM!!!

Throwback Post: Bingo While Reading With Pirates


October 29 2014:

Fun game of bingo followed by breakfast for dinner …. Egg scramble with ham n onions, cinnamon toast and some fruit. YUM!


October 29 2011:

Team TLC monthly library adventures!!Happiness!!!


October 29 2010:

At The Romano Casa for Bloody Mary o’clock and there be some pirates here matey! #boo

Throwback Post: Gratitude with Trees and Grits While at the Festival With Skeletons and Pumpkins


October 23 2013:

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Assistance League Reno-Sparks for the gift of Operation School Bell. I overflow with gratitude for the kindness of others! Your organization will be receiving a special Thank YOU from Team TLC. Thank you to HDMS for letting me know about this amazing opportunity today!

I drift into slumber tonight with a heart saturated with the kindness of others …. I am truly grateful to the volunteers that were there tonight. I gave one of them a big warm hug and thanked her as we were leaving. I wanted to hug more of them … but they had their hands full and were busy! Thank you to my awesome Momma and Frank for meeting me there and helping me out too!! xoxoxoxoxo

Bartley Ranch Spring 2014 … Trees and Clouds are so cool!


October 23 2011:

Thomas so has my number!! This morning’s Thomasism: “These are the best grits you have ever made!” He sure knows how to warm a girls heart!


Mr. Bones and Mrs. Angel!!

Huffaker Halloween Festival!

Whew!!!!!! Team TLC carving is now complete!! Now that’s an adventure!!


October 23 2010:

Gettin more Halloween books with Thomas & Lillian. Gonna have a camp out in the living room tonight. Gonna read scary books and watch something really scary like Scooby Doo!!

Throwback Post: Out to Eat With Improvising and Playing


October 30 2011:

Finally eating here … Heard so many good things!!

Waiting for our yummy food!!

Improvising … Line was too long at Nevada Discovery Museum!! No Halloween candy but much more peaceful!! Lights!! It was crazy . . . I could not figure out why people were standing in that line! My kids were disappointed but they didn’t want to stand in that line. Going by Audrey Harris Park was my save for Thomas. He loves going there. Lillian didn’t care one way or the other and they each got a piece of candy when we got home since we didn’t do what we had planned.


October 30 2009:

Took Thomas & Lillian to The Playroom today. Thomas wanted to take some books . . . he chose Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” & Tiger Wood’s Foundation “Start Something”! Can’t wait til he can actually read these!


Throwback Post: Halloween Fun of the Past


October 31 2014:

Team TLC is off to The Romano Casa for some Spooktacular fun! BOO!

Once a fairy princess, always a fairy princess. Thomas was dressed as “Happy”! Close up picture to follow.

Wahoo from the fairy princess and get your happy on from Thomas dressed as “Happy”. All the treat givers loved Thomas’ home made costume! He almost had me in tears. He was putting candy he collected back into the empty bowls at houses where no one was home. I give away most of what they get, yet they have tons of fun with the anticipation and creating their costumes.

Happy Halloween from a blurry Team TLC. Looks like my phone has been drinking.


October 31 2013:

Lots of LOVE and JOY from Team TLC this Halloween 2013 …. I’m in these pictures dressed as the invisible Mama! BOO and hugs!