Throwback Post: Out to Eat With Improvising and Playing


October 30 2011:

Finally eating here … Heard so many good things!!

Waiting for our yummy food!!

Improvising … Line was too long at Nevada Discovery Museum!! No Halloween candy but much more peaceful!! Lights!! It was crazy . . . I could not figure out why people were standing in that line! My kids were disappointed but they didn’t want to stand in that line. Going by Audrey Harris Park was my save for Thomas. He loves going there. Lillian didn’t care one way or the other and they each got a piece of candy when we got home since we didn’t do what we had planned.


October 30 2009:

Took Thomas & Lillian to The Playroom today. Thomas wanted to take some books . . . he chose Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” & Tiger Wood’s Foundation “Start Something”! Can’t wait til he can actually read these!


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