Throwback Post: Celebration Between Where We Are and Where We Are Going


August 31 2012:

This is where Team TLC is headed in just a few minutes …. Going to celebrate with our new school …. BBQ, ice cream, Bluegrass band … They are celebrating 10 orbits around the sun for High Desert Montessori School … 2002-2012 …. so HAPPY we are now a part of the community too!! YeeeeHaaawwww!

“Observe your children and learn from them” Dr. Maria Montessori …. 10 year anniversary celebration at High Desert Montessori School. YEP!!


August 31 2009:

Parent tip: When you’re lovely 7 year old asks every 2 minutes “where are we” when traveling and you are in the same city you were in the last 20 times they asked, try this: “We are in between where we were & where we’re going”. It worked fantastic with Lillian this weekend – it slowed down the recurrence of the “where are we” question!! I was pretty proud of myself!

Throwback Post: It Shows Unity


September 4 2015:

The end of a full week of moving, unpacking, and subbing every day. More wall wisdom from the classrooms. Best part: a middle school student asked if I liked the school. I told him that we liked it. He caught that I said “we”. I explained that I’m in the habit of saying that in referring to Team TLC. He said, “I like that. I like that a lot. It shows unity.” Seriously! I love these kids!

Throwback Post: Sparks Hometown Parade


December 6 2014:

Thomas really got to infect people today …. With his smile. He got to be in the Sparks Hometown Parade with his High Desert Montessori buddies. They handed out candy and $1 off coupons for Kids on Big Rigs which is a fun event for kids in April that’s also a fundraiser for HDMS. Thanks Stacey Perez for putting this all together!

**August 2020 Note – Thomas attended High Desert Montessori school from 1st – 4th grade. It was the perfect fit, the perfect situation, the perfect school for him. We LOVED our time there!! From fifth grade on he has been homeschooled. He’s now in the 9th grade.