Throwback Post: Multicultural Night With Sickness and Celebration


December 16 2015:

Just got home from multicultural night at HDMS. Thomas’ project was on the Chickasaw Indians. My great, great grandfather was a Chickasaw and Thomas used this picture of him in the project. Thomas also played the part of Atlas in a play about Perseus getting the head of Medusa. Those kids are amazing!!! Loved it!!!


December 16 2014:

Two hour transition IEP done for Lillian and it was painless! We LOVE HDMS!!!


December 16 2013:

Sweet Thomas was down with a tummy bug on Saturday and Sunday …. What better place is there to be when you don’t feel well, except right there with your legos! He’s better today y’all. He went to school, there was no convincing him to rest for one more day. He LOVES school and his teacher!

Another multicultural project complete for Lillian …. The Hieroglyphic News Journal fresh from the presses! She had fun putting this together!


December 16 2010:

It so adds to my joy and fuels my passion getting the opportunity to present to a fabulous audience who GET IT, are moved by IT and I leave them with at least a little bit more knowledge than when I arrived! Just finished presenting to the NxLeveL Nevada instructors about Social Media, Turning Views Foundation and Gift a Voice! WoooooHoooooo!

Throwback Post: Subbing at the Library with Poirot


August 21 2015:

Got to sub in Stillwater again this afternoon! Best part = getting a hug from one of the students before she left. xoxo


August 21 2010:

Lillian and Thomas LOVE the library.


August 21 2009:

Time for relaxing with Agatha Christie’s Poirot ~ “Taken at the Flood” movie, comfy clothes & glass of wine!

Throwback Post: In the High Desert With Cornichons and Peaches


August 22 2013:

So very grateful to have the opportunity and option for Thomas and Lillian to attend High Desert Montessori! These are two of the quotes on the walls in Thomas’ building.

Thomas loves going there and loves his teacher, Mrs. Nicole. Lillian is happy and I love everything about it. This is our 2nd year at HDMS and it was such a relief to get rid of the constant back and forth about Lillian and her IEP at the traditional public school. Her IEP went from over 30 pages to about 7 pages when we moved to HDMS.

Thomas did have some rough bumps last year, but since he switched teachers after Spring Break last year, it’s been wonderful. Plus, over the summer the Friends of HDMS bought the building Lillian’s class is in AND the office building next door! Now, we’ve got the room for a HDMS High School (currently stops at 8th grade). YAY!! We LOVE HDMS!


Cornichons! Bought these thinking they were just tiny pickles. WOW! They are tart! The more I eat em the more I like em! Definitely a different flavor. Just did a search online and found: Cornichons are pickled French gherkins and not cucumbers. They are related but not the same plant race. YUM and You’re Welcome!


August 22 2012:

YUM!!! Thank you Kimberly Phipps-Nichol for always thinkin of Team TLC when you have too much fresh food … Yummy maters, fresh peaches and nectarines and even some delicious dried peaches!! Lillian took some of the dried peaches in her lunch today and I had the heirloom tomato and a fresh peach today with lunch … My mouth and tummy were happy dancin!!! I’m grateful for YOU and for yummy fresh food!!


August 22 2010:

Poultry Seasoning – breakfast of champion monster trucks.


August 22 2009:

Bloody Mary, boiled shrimp (tip: boil shrimp in beer (yummo)), salad, glass of wine, dancing with kiddos & step-father (Frank)! What a GREAT evening!!! YeeHaw!!!!!!!!!

Throwback Post: Celebration Between Where We Are and Where We Are Going


August 31 2012:

This is where Team TLC is headed in just a few minutes …. Going to celebrate with our new school …. BBQ, ice cream, Bluegrass band … They are celebrating 10 orbits around the sun for High Desert Montessori School … 2002-2012 …. so HAPPY we are now a part of the community too!! YeeeeHaaawwww!

“Observe your children and learn from them” Dr. Maria Montessori …. 10 year anniversary celebration at High Desert Montessori School. YEP!!


August 31 2009:

Parent tip: When you’re lovely 7 year old asks every 2 minutes “where are we” when traveling and you are in the same city you were in the last 20 times they asked, try this: “We are in between where we were & where we’re going”. It worked fantastic with Lillian this weekend – it slowed down the recurrence of the “where are we” question!! I was pretty proud of myself!

How Did You Make That


October 4 2014:

A mom with a cute lil blinky hat, a fairy princess, and a fortune teller had a great time at the HDMS chili festival and craft fair! So many creative people with great creations for sale! Loved it!

Thomas was in heaven seeing all the things people make. He was going from table to table asking how they made it. He said he kept getting asked why he was so interested.

HDMS Fall Festival 10.4.14 #1 HDMS Fall Festival 10.4.14 #2