High Desert Montessori School – Alumni Celebration

August 11 2022

What a fun time! Thomas and Lillian attended HDMS from 2012 – 2016. I subbed there for three of those years. They started when HDMS was celebrating Ten Trips Around the Sun. Now at Twenty Trips, they have finally realized the dream of a full and total remodel bringing the entire school into one campus.

To celebrate they invited alumni for a fun event, with a scavenger hunt, 360 photo booth, raffle prizes, a silent auction, great food, music, and a tour of the new digs.

Thomas and Lillian got to see and reconnect with old friends, catch up with their teachers, and have a good time! I’m glad Thomas stayed on me to make sure we made it to this event. I am so happy for the school, with this reminding me how special our time was while Thomas and Lillian attended. Good times.

Thomas won this cool jacket in the scavenger hunt.

Throwback Post: Climbing Mountains and Visiting Kat


August 14 2015:

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. -John Muir … Guess where I get to be this afternoon? Subbing in Stillwater today. I love the amazing quotes covering the walls. xoxo


First day back getting to go visit Ms. Kat!! Happy young lady!!! Thank you Kat McLain for inviting Lillian once a week again and oceans of gratitude for the Federal Reserve “Love Notes” …. You bless us in so many ways!! xoxo

Throwback Post: How Do I Love Thee – Maria Montessori


August 22 2014:

Maria Montessori and High Desert Montessori School… How do I love thee? Let me count the ways … Seriously. Many years ago in my imagination I had envisioned the perfect school and learning opportunities for Thomas and Lillian …

Poof! A little while ago, back in the 1800’s, an amazing woman had her own ideas and with her vitality made her ideas a reality. I’m so grateful and blessed she did and that about 13 years ago a few people in Reno had the vitality and vision to create HDMS. Back to school night for upper elementary last night (Lillian) and it was FUN! Those teachers are some seriously kick bottom amazing and fun people!! Got a list of the homework assignments … LOVE!!! (see below)

Not only that but BOTH buildings are now fitted with solar panels. Last year they saved $30,000 due to the solar panels at the lower elementary building. Even bigger ones were installed over the summer for the middle school and attached office suites. Wahoo!!!

In line with the school motto this year of “Our Attitude is One of Gratitude” … I’m overflowing with gratitude for so many people and all the way back to 1870 when Maria Montessori developed her theory!!

Throwback Post: Celebration Between Where We Are and Where We Are Going


August 31 2012:

This is where Team TLC is headed in just a few minutes …. Going to celebrate with our new school …. BBQ, ice cream, Bluegrass band … They are celebrating 10 orbits around the sun for High Desert Montessori School … 2002-2012 …. so HAPPY we are now a part of the community too!! YeeeeHaaawwww!

“Observe your children and learn from them” Dr. Maria Montessori …. 10 year anniversary celebration at High Desert Montessori School. YEP!!


August 31 2009:

Parent tip: When you’re lovely 7 year old asks every 2 minutes “where are we” when traveling and you are in the same city you were in the last 20 times they asked, try this: “We are in between where we were & where we’re going”. It worked fantastic with Lillian this weekend – it slowed down the recurrence of the “where are we” question!! I was pretty proud of myself!

Throwback Post: It Shows Unity


September 4 2015:

The end of a full week of moving, unpacking, and subbing every day. More wall wisdom from the classrooms. Best part: a middle school student asked if I liked the school. I told him that we liked it. He caught that I said “we”. I explained that I’m in the habit of saying that in referring to Team TLC. He said, “I like that. I like that a lot. It shows unity.” Seriously! I love these kids!

Throwback Post: Sparks Hometown Parade


December 6 2014:

Thomas really got to infect people today …. With his smile. He got to be in the Sparks Hometown Parade with his High Desert Montessori buddies. They handed out candy and $1 off coupons for Kids on Big Rigs which is a fun event for kids in April that’s also a fundraiser for HDMS. Thanks Stacey Perez for putting this all together!

**August 2020 Note – Thomas attended High Desert Montessori school from 1st – 4th grade. It was the perfect fit, the perfect situation, the perfect school for him. We LOVED our time there!! From fifth grade on he has been homeschooled. He’s now in the 9th grade.

I Never Imagined It Would Be So Fun


December 19 2013:

“I never imagined it would be so much fun. It was the best night of my life!” -Thomas …

HDMS Multicultural night was a blast! I got to help serve the awesome array of South American dishes brought in by the families of Candelaria students. Thomas was super excited to perform the Happy Dance with his classmates. He said he was so happy he almost cried. All performances were amazing! We got to travel to South America, Asia, ancient Egypt, The Renaissance, The Galapagos Islands, and Meso-America .. Mayan, Inca and Aztecs …

Such wonderful people!

HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #1 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #2 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #3 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #4 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #5 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #6 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #7 HDMS Multicultural Night 12.19.13 #8