Throwback Post: How Do I Love Thee – Maria Montessori


August 22 2014:

Maria Montessori and High Desert Montessori School… How do I love thee? Let me count the ways … Seriously. Many years ago in my imagination I had envisioned the perfect school and learning opportunities for Thomas and Lillian …

Poof! A little while ago, back in the 1800’s, an amazing woman had her own ideas and with her vitality made her ideas a reality. I’m so grateful and blessed she did and that about 13 years ago a few people in Reno had the vitality and vision to create HDMS. Back to school night for upper elementary last night (Lillian) and it was FUN! Those teachers are some seriously kick bottom amazing and fun people!! Got a list of the homework assignments … LOVE!!! (see below)

Not only that but BOTH buildings are now fitted with solar panels. Last year they saved $30,000 due to the solar panels at the lower elementary building. Even bigger ones were installed over the summer for the middle school and attached office suites. Wahoo!!!

In line with the school motto this year of “Our Attitude is One of Gratitude” … I’m overflowing with gratitude for so many people and all the way back to 1870 when Maria Montessori developed her theory!!