Throwback Post: Pancake Dinner and Hello Fifth Grade for Lillian


August 29 2013:

A different dinner for a different kind of family! HDMS is having a pancake breakfast tomorrow .. we won’t be there so we had pancakes for dinner ….. with french fries! Now that’s just magical! Hahaha!


August 29 2011:

1st Day of School for Lillian – 5th Grade Adventures here she comes!!

First Day of School for Thomas With a Mindful Book

September 7 2021

Thomas’s first day of school photo. 🤣🤣😂 He started on September 1st. He’s also still taking piano lessons, and making great progress. Go Thomas!! xoxo (He’s about halfway through 10th grade).

September 9 2021

Checking the library accounts to see what’s due, and saw that Thomas has this book on hold. I don’t know why this brought the tears flowing. I just kept thinking after 10+ years of me deep diving into mindfulness and meditation, openly sharing with Thomas and Lillian (and with Thomas mocking/arguing with me about some of it), he’s researching it on his own. My heart is overflowing.