Throwback Post: Adventures Before Parent Information Night


August 21 2013:

Hanging out at the library before Parent Information night at HDMS … loaded with chapter books for Thomas and Lillian. These two go through some books!

Light dinner before Parent Information Night at HDMS … YUM! French fries for Lillian, Pepperoni Pizza for Thomas and Salad for me …. Happy Team!

December 7 2021: A note of reflection as I read what I wrote with these two posts. I did not have the gas money to drive all the way home after school, and then back to the school for Parent Information Night.

I also didn’t have enough money for a full dinner for us. However, I did have a coupon for a free personal size pizza. I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu for me (salad), and Lillian was and is always happy with fries.

Thomas and Lillian did not know this is why we had this type of evening, as I tried my best to always make things seem like an adventure.

Pretending to be Tourist


October 9 2014:

Took Rosey to get her flat tire repaired and had the tires rotated while we were there. Instead of sitting in the waiting room for an hour and a half we pretended to be tourists.

Walked to Grand Sierra and had only enough time to sit by the driving range for a few minutes, go inside and use the restroom, collect some yummy smelling honeysuckle from outside and then head back to Rosey. It was perfect! She still needs her belts fixed but she’s hanging in there!

Being a Tourist Camilla & Thomas 10.9.14 #1 Being a Tourist Camilla & Thomas 10.9.14 #2 Being a Tourist Camilla & Thomas 10.9.14 #3