Throwback Post: Yogurt Cake With Books and Art While Hugging


October 5 2014:

Wahoo Thomas! He made gateau au yaourt (yogurt cake) this afternoon … all by himself! So good! Topped with a spoonful of creme fraiche. Yum!


October 5 2013:

That’s right … Library adventures! Wahoooo!

Stepping out of my warm, fuzzy cocoon tonight … Going to Sierra Arts and gonna hang out with some adult people at 7:30. Perhaps I won’t turn into a pumpkin when the clock strikes 8:30. We shall see! If you see me there and I don’t see you please get my attention and say “Hey”!

Wonderful job Sharon!! Loved it!!!! Such awesomeness!


October 5 2012:

She said, “Thank you! I needed that!” … Yesterday I had coffee with a local Reno facebook friend. We had never met in person and she is also the mom of a special needs child (teenager). I do what I always do when greeting someone … I gave her one of my hugs … Anyone who has received one of my hugs knows they are filled with love, caring, and warmth … I lavishly share my hugs with anyone I can.

This one was extra special because many of us moms don’t get these types of hugs from our special needs children. They just simply have sensory issues and warm hardy hugs don’t mix well with that. Why do I share this? Just simply to encourage YOU to share more hugs. We are human and we like to be touched, especially when it’s filled with love and caring. Go hug somebody today!! May I suggest that it’s a real hug, not one of those half leaned into hugs, where you pat the person on the back. Be still … Be quiet … And give a Hug full of caring for the person receiving it. They just may say, “Thank YOU! I needed that!”

Throwback Post: Sibshops With Birthdays and Library Days


October 3 2015:

Sibshop time for Thomas! Super big plus: Don Meyer is facilitating this one as it’s a demonstration Sibshop. I went through Sibshop training with Don facilitating a few years ago at UNR. I know Thomas is having a ball! He was sitting next to Don when I left. Oceans of gratitude to Diana Beeghly Rovetti and Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities for putting this together. This is Thomas’ 4th one and he loves being a part of them!!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my Momma, Patty!! Being your daughter is one of my greatest treasures and one of my biggest opportunities for learning and growing. Love, Love, Love YOU! Hope you and Frank are having FUN!!! We miss having y’all just around the corner!! xoxo

Extra cool library day! We went to a library we’ve never visited!! So awesome, beautiful view, and we didn’t even get to look through all the books and movies. The lighting or something inside made Lillian sick to her stomach. Had to go really fast! She felt better once we got outside and headed home. We’ll have to go back and try again!


October 3 2012:

I am in awe of the things that happen when we reach a point in our growth where we finally open ourselves to receiving the good that we deserve and that is already ours!!! Keep on keeping on y’all … it’s worth it and YOU are worth it!!


You are a special woman like no other … I thank you with all my soul and being for ALWAYS being there for me and doing the best darn job you could in raising me! I LOVE YOU!!! Love, Camilla

Adventures in Happiness and Gratitude … Thomas and I are making Sicilian meatloaf, listening to jazz and blues …. Just simply enjoying life ….


October 3 2010:

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Momma, Happy Birthday to You, And Many Moreeee!!!!!!!!!!! Today is my Momma’s Bday, Patty Romano. I’m truly blessed that you are my Mom and more grateful than I can even express for all your support and wisdom throughout my life and especially these past 4 years! Love you!

Throwback Post: Washoe Lake With Skeletons and Werewolves While Reading Books


October 6 2014:

Little Washoe Lake Spring 2014 … Wind was really blowing that day!

The fairy princess who wants to learn how to draw fashion models and learn how to crochet … Lillian! … And even her skeleton shirt wears hearts! xoxo


October 6 2013:

“I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand …. Aaaaaa whooooooooo …” That’s what’s happening in the Team TLC Casa right now!


October 6 2012:

And so it is ….. Library Adventures for Team TLC … I cannot keep enough books in the house for these two …. Good Problem, I say!!

Throwback Post: Pumpkin Cookies at the Library While Getting a Massage With Water and Coaching


October 18 2015:

Cheers to pumpkin pie cookies! It’s a Halloween-Party-Music-Cookie-Baking kinda afternoon! xoxo


October 18 2014:

Thomas and I LOVE and appreciate Dr. Emoto’s research and his beautiful book!!! Wonderful man whose soul will continue to shine so bright and beautifully!!


October 18 2013:

Library adventures while Thomas is at Lego Club! Love this library! Such a great selection of books.


October 18 2012:

Time for an hour of bliss at the magic hands of my gifted friend Tele …..


October 18 2011:

Module #2 of 16 – WooooHoooo!!


What a jam packed day today! Lillian and I were helpers this morning in Thomas’s class, then a massage appointment for both of us, then lunch, then ST and PT for Lillian and NOW . . . . in an hour and a half I get to teach the last session of the Social Media Tools class at Redfield Campus for Extended Studies – Continuing Education at the University of Nevada, Reno! I’m already ready for bed! Now this has been an adventurous day!


Just got D.J.’s {Friends of DJ Svoboda and the Imagifriends} artwork to be included on the cover of my book – D iz for Different! YAY!! Thanks D.J.!!

Throwback Post: Bingo While Reading With Pirates


October 29 2014:

Fun game of bingo followed by breakfast for dinner …. Egg scramble with ham n onions, cinnamon toast and some fruit. YUM!


October 29 2011:

Team TLC monthly library adventures!!Happiness!!!


October 29 2010:

At The Romano Casa for Bloody Mary o’clock and there be some pirates here matey! #boo

Throwback Post: Word of the Day With Fairy Spells and a Pirate Wench With Good Music and Books


October 27 2015:

Thank you Barbara Richmond Chastain for making me aware of this website! And, thank you Abbi Holtom Whitaker for sharing the idea of a word of the day to live by. Last week, I thought, “I want a word of the day suggested to me everyday so Team TLC can start incorporating this.” Not too long after I had this thought, Barbara sent me a card from this website. I LOVE LOVE!! And I love this quote and photo! xoxo

“Love is not a feeling; it is a great power, an Intelligence to which we are all heir and have been forever called.” -ANNE HILLMAN


October 27 2013:

Reading to Thomas and Lillian before bed, One game of UNO, one dance party, one Sweet Dream Fairy Spell … and I end this day grateful that I GET to do all of this! Gosh Darn, this stuff rocks! Celebrate Good Times, Come on … Let’s Celebrate … xoxo


October 27 2012:

Halloween Party 2012 ~ Camilla was a very sexy Pirate Wench! – Tele Raack

Happy. Grateful. Blessed. Peaceful. Joyful …. My play list this morning y’all! Happy Gosh Darn Saturday .. May you have a Goose Bumpy Heck of a Day!! Enjoy Yourself!!!

Books = Adventures & Happiness ….


October 27 2011:

We’re ready for the tooth fairy! Plus the other one is about to come out too!!

Don’t know why . . . I just LOVE this song . . .