Throwback Post: Peaceful Rocks at the Library and Swimming


September 21 2014:

Here’s to International Day of Peace and the last day of Summer! Welcome Autumn! Bring it! (Almond flour cookie with cream cheese frosting and dye free sprinkles …. So YUM)!

Little Washoe Lake this past Spring … such a beautiful little spot!♡


September 21 2013:

I think there’s been some rock cleaning going on here … Thomas has been in the back yard discovering rock treasures! Suppose they needed to be washed! Love, love, love that little dude! xoxo

It’s a beautiful gray and windy day outside and a cozy and comfy day inside our awesome library! Library adventures!

It looks like Mt Rose got snow today … good golly!


September 21 2012:

Who needs street vibrations when we’ve got night time pool vibrations?? Wooohoooo!!!


September 21 2011:

When all else fails have a Dance Party . . . Team TLC Dance Party is ON right now!! I was made for dancin . . .

Throwback Post: The Traveling Romano Duo With Sibshops and Blew Out My Flip Flop


August 11 2012:

The Romano Duo arrived safely in Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon …. left this morning for Denver!! Collecting rocks for Thomas and Lillian along the way … BEST souvenir EVER!! Go Mom and Frank Go!

Here’s to a yummy dinner and Team TLC!! We sure do miss the Romano Duo but we also enjoy our time alone together too!!


August 11 2011:

Second day of Sibshops – Actual Sibshops today!! High energy today!! Don Meyer doing his thang!

WOW! What a full past 2 days – I’m kinda pooped after the 2 day Sibshops training! Look out Reno . . . we’ve got some agencies and nonprofits (Turning Views Foundation included) that are gonna collaborate to bring y’all Sibshops!!


August 11 2009:

Blew out my flip flop, stepped on a pop tart . . . . Taking a dancin break with my kiddos. What would I do without these great little people in my life????

Barefoot With a Dancing Queen and Sunset Straps

April 13 2021

I love these new shoes!!! So much that I just ordered a black pair, too. Very close to being barefoot.

April 23 2021

And then it was time for a solo dance party. I was a Dancing Queen, dancing in Celebration, cause I Got to Be Real at the Y.M.C.A.

May 8 2021

Finally found a pair of barefoot sandals that work for me! Love the sunset colored straps!

If you’ve been on the hunt for a sandal that allows maximum proprioceptive awareness, simulating being barefoot, with no annoying tiny toe box – you may want to try these – EarthRunners. xoxo

Wild Blueberry and Pumpkin and Boogie Shoes and Latin Harvest

October 14 2018:

So yummy breakfast this morning! Wild blueberry pumpkin pancakes with a side of skillet fried red potatoes and sweet onions, topped with Daiya cheese and a ribbon of ketchup! Incredibly good! 🎃

October 18 2018:

Just got done wearing my Boogie Shoes, Letting it Whip, giving the Best of My Love, and almost Upside Down … That was a FUN dance party!!

Brought back memories of dancing all throughout my life. I love me some dancing! I can totally bust a move! xoxo

Cloud Dancing with the Full Moon – Photo Credit: Me

October 20 2018:

Thank you Reno Buddhist Center’s Moon Rabbit Cafe and all of the volunteers for tonight’s “Pay What You Can” dinner! Latin Harvest Moon Rabbit Cafe Dinner was delicious!

We began with fresh salsa, tortilla chips, and cornbread with Mexican hot chocolate. I absolutely loved the salsa. So good!

Main course of black bean tacos for me and chicken tacos for Thomas, with a side salad and Spanish rice. That was The Best taco I’ve ever had! Yum! Followed by dessert of vegan apple crisp. 🧡🧡🧡