Throwback Post: Swimming With Adventures and Stale Marshmallows


October 9 2015:

Yummy, refreshing swim this afternoon. Now we’re off to the Great May Center Pumpkin Walk. xoxo


October 9 2014:

I’m guessing one is not being very mindful when one walks into the screen door instead of opening it first. Glad it was the screen and not the glass! That was interesting.


Bowers Mansion grounds this past Spring. Such a beautiful area. So peaceful and quiet.


October 9 2011:

Did you know you could make Halloween decorations out of stale marshmallows?? Playing with food adventures!!

Off for a little wee adventure!!

We went to Yogurt Beach and then to Audrey Harris Park!! Just a little wee adventure!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! What a treat!!!

Enjoying the amazing and awesome view with a tummy full of Yogurt Beach Yum!!!


Throwback Post: Gratitude With Pumpkins While Swimming in Big Girl Panties


November 22 2012:

Thomas’ gratitude for today:

I am thankful and grateful for my life.


This day holds such warm, fuzzy and fun memories of my childhood and teenage years. I am grateful for this day of coming together with family and loved ones … Thankful for my younger years and spending time with all my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents … all y’all!!! Even though we don’t get to see each other very often, I am deeply grateful for ALL my Mississippi family …. We had so much fun (okay, maybe a tad bit of arguing) and love each other unconditionally!!! Big ole hug to all y’all and lots and lots of LOVE!!


Lillian’s gratitude today:

I am thankful for being happy and for Thanksgiving.


November 22 2011:

Today I am thankful for my choice to be self-employed . . . definitely has it’s challenges and times of scarcity; but being able to create my own schedule, go on our many Team TLC adventures and pack up and spend a week with family during Thanksgiving . . . far, far, far outweighs the challenges . . .


My Mom made a gluten-free pie crust yesterday for Lillian so she could have pumpkin pie! Can’t wait to dig into it! Gluten-free pancakes this morning! Lillian’s severe daily stomach pains are no longer with us since going gluten and lactose free several months ago! YAY!!


November 22 2011:

Swimming adventures for Team Member T!!! Fun, fun!! 


Frank made gluten-free pumpkin bread muffins … Yummilicious … They are soooooooooo good!!!


November 22 2010:

Thank you Cheri Hill for this awesome plaque! Thanks to you my dear friend I have steel reinforced elastic! Love you!!!

Throwback Post: Purge Fest While Swimming in Reno With the Sibling Panel


July 14 2014:

Another Summer Sunday of the #TeamTLC #purge and clean fest is coming to an end with the garage checked off!

Five years is long enough for the beautiful tea set I got in England back in 2000 and the set of China from my mammaw Downs. Bringing em out to play! What the heck good are they doing packed up where no one can enjoy them? Don’t give a flying pickle if they get broken … they are just dishes, after all. Getting rid of the 2nd set of dishes we have been using. Goodwill will put them to good use! Love it when I’m in the mood to get rid of stuff!


July 14 2012:

Family Swim Time!!! YeeeeHaaaww!!


July 14 2011:

I absolutely love and adore this awesome and perfect Little City I get to call home. Love her beauty and the amazing people who also call her home!


July 14 2010:

Just got done with the Sibling Panel at the Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society Conference ~ what an awesome group of kids, teens and young adults ~ Cream of the crop ~ Words can’t even describe the emotions ~ Absolutely must start bringing Thomas to this conference too! Beautiful!

Throwback Post: Refreshing Swim With Interactive Vaulting Camp


July 18 2014:

Fun and refreshing swim and now off for a dessert date with Lillian! I had forgotten how good it feels being in the water … YUM!


July 18 2013:

Day 3 of Camp for Thomas (yesterday, 7.17) …. Look at that Team Member T Go!! So much fun for him this week! I think I’m more worn out than he is! HA!

Books arrived!

Throwback Post: Thomas Knows and Slight Hearing Loss and Swimming and Walking


July 30 2014:

Thomas knows Lillian is not thrilled to have his arm around her …. So he just kind of hovers it over her shoulder!

Lillian had another hearing test today which confirmed slight hearing loss in right ear and even more so in left ear. Next is an ENT doctor to make sure nothing is wrong in there. Lillian already says she will NOT wear a hearing aide.

Great swim after the hearing testing, fun game of UNO, and another awesome walk! Date day for me and Thomas tomorrow. YAY!

Throwback Post: Inspired and Blessed and Peaceful


August 2 2016:

Lillian and I had a beautiful walk last night. Walking with Thomas and Lillian inspires me and I’m blessed they feel the same. xoxo

There are times when a swim feels amazing and then there are times like today. Those times when all that exists is you and the water with an indescribably peaceful feeling …. Floating and feeling the water against ones skin. Today has been weird. This was a blessing in the weirdness! xoxo