Throwback Post: Walks While Having a Spa Day and Swimming


September 8 2015:

Went for my first solo walk this morning at our new place. Now for some writing and more unpacking. It’s a great day!!

On Saturday we had the very first beanie baby birthday party in our new place …. For the one named September .. Isn’t she a beautiful blue?


September 8 2014:

Came across this great quote in a book I’m reading right now … “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in a place no one has ever been.” -Albert Einstein … I would say woman or man … AWESOME book, by the way. It’s called “I Am That Girl” … xoxo


Thomas has been wanting me to lay upside down with him on this grassy hill. It’s about a 90 degree angle. The first time I flipped backwards while trying to get up!

This caught my attention as I was leaving Perfect Balance Therapies, LLC this morning. Must be some great energy leaking out the doors and windows! Got set up on the calendar, got a key to the place, met some of the other practitioners and fitness ladies. My services will be formally announced to current PBT clients in the next few days. Who’s ready for some relaxing, healing, nourishing Reiki?


September 8 2013:

Thomas and Lillian got treated to a morning movie with breakfast at The Romano Casa! They had one more sleep over and I got one more home made spa day before we say Bon Voyage to The Romano Duo as the leave on Tuesday for a month long adventure to Mississippi to visit family and an amazing Caribbean cruise packed in the middle of family visits! Good stuff all the way around!

This young man warms my heart and reminds me to stay focused on LOVE! Said he wanted to have a bath just to soak and read! xoxoxo


September 8 2012:

How could sweeping and mopping the floors NOT be FUN when doing it to this and feeling grateful and blessed that I’ve got floors to sweep and mop and a roof over our heads??? WoooHoooooo!!! Bring it on baby … I’m sweeping and mopping them glorious floors!!

Family swim time adventures for Team TLC!!! Thanks Silver Bear Swim School & thanks Grandpa Frank … Just a few more weeks left of swim lessons … Then …. New adventures …

Team TLC Saturday Night Movie Adventures … We are a go for …. Buttered popcorn … (Space Buddies)


September 8 2011:

Ice cream and French fries adventures for team TLC!!!!


September 8 2010:

Lillian is havin her 1st lesson on the Ukelele. She just learned her C chord. YAY!!!!

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