Throwback Post: Vaulting in a Wedding Dress with Handmade Stuff


September 3 2014:

Spring 2014 vaulting lessons for Thomas at Center for Adaptive Riding … Looking forward to next Spring and Summer so he can do it all over again!

The week I sold my wedding dress:

Reno/Tahoe/Sparks/Sacramento and surrounding area friends: Know anyone getting married next Spring, Summer or Fall? I had been saving this for Lillian but she doesn’t want it. Go me with purging! Here’s some info. Please feel free to share .. Ilissa Wedding Dress by Demetrios. Bought brand new for nearly $900. This is the magazine photo. I have the Summer 1996 “For the Bride by Demetrios” magazine with this photo also. The dress is no longer made so it’s likely you’d be one of a kind with this one!

It was cleaned and preserved by Merry Go Round cleaners in Los Angeles and is still wrapped in a special 100% cotton liner inside a Museum Quality acid-free coffer with a 100% cotton outer cover. I wore it for my wedding in 1998 and it was preserved shortly after that.

The back is sheer like the arms. The dress is a size 8, but there were alterations made to it to fit me perfectly. It was a tad too big. I am 5’7″ to give you an idea of the length.

$450.00 or best offer


September 3 2013:

More creations for the Museum of Handmade Stuff …. made by Team Member T! A bull, a sun crawler and the egg beater … all army tanks! You go Thomas!


September 3 2012:

Being silly, reading, painting, reading, making oat bars, drawing, reading, water balloons, making memories, taking pictures and reading … PERFECT Labor Day for Team TLC!!

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