Throwback Post: Flowers With Sunset Walks and Reading


September 11 2015:

Seven bags dropped off at Goodwill and a bouquet of sunshine delivered to the kind ladies in The Vintage office. Now I’ve got almost 4 hours of respite while Lillian spends some time with Ms. Kat.

As we were walking tonight Lillian pointed out that this would be her last Friday as a 13 year old. Indeed. She’s getting ready for her 14th trip around the sun. Good golly! xoxo


September 11 2014:

A boy, a book, lovely green grass, and his guinea pig, Lovey! The perfect picture of LOVE!

I didn’t realize it was suicide prevention week. Last night I inadvertently landed on an old blog post of mine from 2012. Now, I know why. Sharing with you as it seems meant to be … And to quote my friend Jenny Payne Howe, “I share this, not because I want pity or empathy or any kind of crap like that. I’m sharing because it’s suicide prevention week.” (…/30/footsteps-out-of-darkness/ ) The climb out and the clearing and releasing of some deep “crap” from childhood through to 2006 has definitely been streaked with sadness and despair. Yet, it has been worth every tear, hurtful memory, and dark moment. I still take a step back here and there but that’s called being human. I love my self, I love this precious, beautiful life and I have an internal joy that remains no matter outside circumstances … Oceans of love to y’all! xoxo

Steps Out of Darkness

Just picked up a VERY happy young man! His first day of computer programming with NCLab! Thomas’ 3 words describing the class: epic, awesome, and love! Thank you to Stephanie for ordering one of Thomas’ LEGO prints and Scott for paying 5 times what we were asking for a print. One month paid for AND he paid for it himself … With your help! Next month is 3D printing!

Oops! Forgot to post the picture of Lillian and I before the Lillian presentation yesterday to her class! Both showing our chromosome 18 love with our shirts!


September 11 2013:

So much looking forward to being on Wednesdays with Debbie Torres McCarthy in the second half of her show this afternoon (America Matters Media! We’re going to chat about the Reiki session she experienced with me this past Monday and some additional thought shifting goodness along with the other afternoon guests! Live on 101.3 from noon-3:00. I’ll be a part of the show from about 1:30-3:00 along with other fabulous people! I think this is the link to listen via live and streaming …

Thank you Natalie Gorden for your trust, love and kindness … ““This was my first time experiencing Reiki and it was wonderful. I was so deeply relaxed and comfortable I was in and out of sleep! During my session with Camilla I even got a …”

Deeply Relaxing: Reiki Testimonial


September 11 2012:

As I was driving through my neighborhood on the way home from taking Thomas & Lillian to school this morning I saw one of my neighbors standing in the middle of the street with a bucket and shovel. I slowed down, put my window down and said, “What are you doing?” with a big ole smile. Apparently I missed our wild horse visitors earlier. She said, “I’ve got two more flowers to plant and I’m gonna use this.” I said “What a good idea and that’s so resourceful.” She said, “Well, that’s what we did during the War and after the War too.” (She’s an older gal from Germany.) We chatted for a minute. I smiled and told her to have a great day. As I drove home I was thinking …. “And you were letting the worry bug start invading your thoughts ….” Served as a good reminder to give worry the boot and know that we are creative and resourceful people and that anything is possible!!! Here’s to creativity and resourcefulness and to not letting worry block our creativity and resourcefulness y’all!! 


Isn’t this woman gorgeous??? Love her to pieces … That is ALL! (Patty Romano, aka Momma, in Gulfport, Mississippi …. getting some sand to bring back to Team Member T & L)


September 11 2011:

On this day I am grateful to have y’all on this journey with me . . . grateful, blessed, appreciative . . .

Purging, Weight Loss, and Writing a Book

Bounce house adventures for Team Member T!!!

That Which Leads to Melting With a New Members Call While Roller Skating

May 15 2023

Headed in for a 90 minute massage. I cannot wait! I will melt out to the car in an hour and a half. 🫠🫠🫠

May 16 2023

Forgot to post this from last week. Chromosome 18 new member call. 🎉❤️🎉

May 18 2023

My outdoor roller skates just arrived. 🎉🎉 They’re not tied properly, as I just wanted to try them on. It will be a while before I move from inside the house to outside. 😂🤣😂 But, YAY!! Just waiting on my rainbow socks now. 💋🎶💜🎶💋

Throwback Post: Date Day While Quiet in Nature With Artwork


July 10 2015:

First and second stop on the July 2015 Date Day. A peaceful and happy lunch.

“There can be no happiness or peace without mindfulness. Life is available only in the present moment.” -Thich Nhat Hanh.

Now at my favorite library for some uninterrupted writing, and other stuff, time.

July 10, 2013:

Just done drinking in my daily dose of quiet, nature and reading time ….. Yummy and pure love!!!!!


July 10 2012:

The fabulous D.J. (Daniel Svoboda) and Diana Michelotti-Webb (and D.J.’s Mom) with the book …. D.J.’s artwork graces the cover of the book and Diana (D.J.’s manager) is the talented woman behind the book design, layout and final editing!! Thanks tons and tons you too!! I’m grateful times a million that our paths crossed!

Nighttime Bocce Ball While Relaxing by the Pool Eating the Best Burger Ever

August 3 2021

Bocce ball tonight for me and Thomas.

August 4 2021

I decided it was about damn time and okay if I just relax, and do nothing. Very hard for me. I’m used to always feeling I’m being useful, researching, advocating for Thomas or Lillian, creating some form of art. Whether it’s writing or creating art in some form, or being out exploring Mother Nature. This is okay, Camilla.

That was The Best “burger” I think I’ve ever had. I love these new-to-me vegan pretzel buns I discovered. They have sausage buns, too. Yes. I bought those, also. They are delicious with a “hot dog” and beans spooned over the top.

A Feeling Like No Other – Camilla at Nevada Beach, Lake Tahoe

July 16 2021

She’s been calling my name for over a year. Put some things together, stopped for a vegan donut and cappuccino, and here I am. Had a snack, a few swims, now eating lunch.

This is a feeling like no other. I am relaxed, at peace, soothed. I’m home. I love you Lake Tahoe. Thank you.

Fun synchronicity story of an introverted extrovert …

I was supposed to have a poolside chat with a friend and her son yesterday morning. My friend wasn’t feeling good so that got canceled. I decided to drive to South Lake Tahoe, Nevada Beach. I wish I could say I came to that decision in an instant, as I’ve been wanting to visit Lake Tahoe since last year. It’s always an internal struggle for me to leave the house, leave my comfort zone.

Conversation with myself:

Me: You have been wanting to go for a year now. Just go.
Me: But, maybe I should just do my regular routine, go for a walk, and then a swim?
Me: You’ve had a full year of staying at home, it’s time to start getting out and doing the things you daydream about doing.
Me: Maybe I’ll start doing that next week.
Me: When have you ever regretted leaving the house for a ride up to Lake Tahoe?
Me: If you want to do these things you daydream about, you have got to get out there and do them. You are not getting any younger. You have got to learn to step out of your comfort zone, and do things alone. You can’t sit at home waiting for whatever it is you’re waiting for.
Me: Okay then. I’m doing it!

This went on for a good hour before I finally put some things together and left. I invited Thomas but he wasn’t up for it.

Nevada Beach is nearly an hour’s drive from where I live in Reno. When I reached Nevada Beach it was nearly 10:00am. The spot I chose to park and to enter the beach laid the way for the synchronicity that followed. Instead of following the paved entrance to the beach, I veered off and followed a sort-of sand path. To my delight there were only a few people in this section. (Heaven for an introvert!!)

After about 2 and a half hours, I heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned around and saw it was my birthday twin, Tania, who lives in the area. Not only that, she had friends from Arizona with her that I had only ever met through facebook. We had a lovely time catching up and chatting. They had planned on going for a hike most of the day, deciding instead for a relaxing beach day.

Many things had to line up for this to happen. It was such a great day.

Thank you “outgoing” me for not giving up on “stay in the comfort zone” me.

Although I am an introvert, when I am among friends, or when I become comfortable with others, it’s difficult to get me to stop talking! HA!