The Smell of Relief with Pasta Salad Followed by Chocolate Bliss

May 4 2020

The smell of freshly sliced English cucumber. Heavenly, swoon worthy.

May 5 2020

Those cucumbers yesterday were chopped and added to this giant bowl of pasta salad. I’m down to the soft, semi-soft food with these teeth.

Last night I stuck my phone halfway in my mouth and took a picture of just one offending tooth. Sent to the dentist this morning with a message that I’m running out of spots to chew food and I feel awful, and asked if I could get in before the 12th. Guess the picture and fact that I can barely eat did the trick. I’m going in tomorrow morning.

Don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to go to the dentist!!

May 9 2020

Coconut Bliss – Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence. My taste buds approve.

Vegan Eats: Giant Salad With Sunflower Seed Butter Cups

April 28 2020

Giant salad for dinner. Good grief. That was good!

I had fun making it. Made my own butter garlic croutons. It had garbanzo beans, white beans, cauliflower, spanish and kalamato olives, artichoke hearts, arugula and romaine lettuce, cashews, raisins, shredded coconut, Daiya cheese shreds, sweet and hot jalapeno, and a kale, cashew, basil pesto.

May 2 2020

With the coffee this morning.

As a child and teen my absolute favorite candy was Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I stopped eating food with artificial ingredients over 12 years ago and it was such a delight to come across these. They are decadent!!

Thomas and Camilla April 2020 Date Day

April 24 2020

Thomas and Camilla April 2020 Date Day

First “stop”: Lunch from Teriyaki Madness. Spicy chicken bowl for Thomas. Spicy tofu bowl for me. Eaten at The TLC Casa. 💚💚💚

Tip for vegans: Ask them to cook your dish in a wok, otherwise it is fried in the same oil as the meat dishes. They were happy to make it work so I didn’t have to order lunch from two different places.

Second stop: Washoe Lake

Vegan Eats: Sweet Cherry Amaretto Coconut Bliss With Penne Arrabbiata and Macaroni Topped Salad

March 31 2020

Not as beautiful as cloud photos … Yet, heavenly for the taste buds. Coconut Bliss Sweet Cherry Amaretto, that’s some good stuff.

April 10 2020

Penne Arrabbiata with a great salad and glass of orange juice. Yummy!

April 11 2020

Lovely salad topped with a few spoonfuls of homemade macaroni and cheese.

Vegan Eats: Pasta Salad with Grilled Portabello

March 23 2020

Layers of flavors in this pasta salad = Grateful for this deliciousness …

March 26 2020

A grilled portobello deluxe accidentally fell into my online cart at Great Full Gardens earlier today when I ordered the lunch soup. I’m so grateful it did!!! Delicious! And while we were ordering Lillian’s fries, a cheeseburger and fries accidentally got added to the order for Thomas. Made for an easy night of dinner making for me.

Vegan Eats: Loaded Nachos With a Tamale and Salad

March 7 2020

Nachos for lunch = Yum!!! Before baking topped with crimini mushrooms, sweet onion, green olives, sweet & hot jalapenos, kalamata olives, fresh garlic, salt, pepper, umami spice, and Violife smoked Gouda. After baking topped with green onions, micro greens, and Daiya cheese shreds, with a side of refried beans and salsa.

March 10 2020

Tamale and a salad. Good stuff!!! 😋😋😋

Respite with a Lovely Dinner Followed by the Detention Center with Picard

January 22 2020

First respite in our new place. Had a lovely dinner of salad and mashed red potatoes, alongside a soft, mouthwatering piece of garlic naan.

Lillian left this afternoon to spend a few days with The Romano Duo. Yay for her! Yay for me! Yay for Thomas!

I’ve helped Thomas hang a few treasures on his wall. Now I’m off to have a long hot soak in an epsom salt bath. Ahhhhhhh … 🛀💙

January 23 2020

Day 2 of respite – Toured the Washoe County Detention Center, bought toilet paper and bread, answered questions for a book blogger who will blog about me and the latest book, went for a walk, hung more treasures on Thomas’s wall, and signed up for a free trial on CBS Access just so I could watch this.

I haven’t watched TV or a television series since 2008. The free trial is only for 7 days so I won’t be watching further episodes …. for now. I think I’ve had a very interesting (weird??) day!! Ha!

March 8, 2020 Update – After the free trial, I got notice that Amazon was offering a free trial also. Signed up for that and got to watch the second episode. Due to a mix up and error on Amazon’s part (charged me during the free trial – so gave me a free week or two), I got to watch more episodes. I’m committed until the end now! HA! I think there are 3 episodes left for the season. It’s been nostalgic and wonderful to watch Patrick Stewart in this role again, along with the guest appearances by other cast members.

Radishes With a Side of Salad With Visions of Apple Cranberry Pie

December 24 2019:

Lunch today. Oh, that was good! Love radishes. Yum!

December 30 2019:

It is done. The Meeting the Authors website is back up … after 4 days of phone calls and frustration. You know, if you call a place every day and get a different person every time, you finally hit the jackpot of someone who takes the time to help you (well almost) … as I had to figure out the last step on my own, and it worked completely by accident.

I’ve just had a lovely piece of apple cranberry pie, topped with vanilla bean ice cream. Now I shall take the rest of the night off after I give Lillian a Reiki session.

January 4 2020:

All kitchen boxes have been unpacked. Treated myself to a lovely, generous salad.