Vegan Eats – Cafe Capello

August 6 2022

Treated myself while Thomas is in his group session. The most delicious cappuccino I’ve ever had (ordered 2 of them), with amazing French toast at Cafe Capello. Finished with a rose, lavender Italian soda. Ordered a strawberry vanilla Italian soda to go for Thomas. Plus breakfast for tomorrow. Strawberry and blueberry scones, and coffee cake. Good eats!

August 20 2022

Group session for Thomas today. That means I get to visit Cafe Capello!!

This is the BEST cappuccino I’ve ever had! The breakfast burrito is great, too. Getting a couple of Italian sodas to go. 🎉🎉🎉

I’m lucky to have found a parking space. There’s an event happening today.

Thomas and Camilla January 2022 Date Day

January 28 2022

Thomas and Camilla January 2022 Date Day, er, as Thomas wants me to call it: Father and son bonding time. 😂🤣😂

Part 1: Lunch at House of Mexica. I think this may be the only all vegan menu restaurant in Reno. Everything on the menu is vegan. We ate outside with this lovely view.

Cheese God Chimichanga for Thomas. Asada tacos for me. Buffalo fries for both of us. The asada tacos and Buffalo fries are my favorite menu items so far.

Part 2: Cat toy shopping for Basil.

Part 3: A lovely walk to end the date.

Team TLC and Romano Duo 2021 Thanksgiving

November 24 2021

Green bean casserole is ready! From beginning to finish. Thank you to my kitchen helper this year. Next up, cranberry sauce.

Cranberry sauce finished.

Mini cheese balls. From start to finish, with my kitchen helper.

November 25 2021

Team TLC and The Romano Duo 🧡🧡🧡

Some smiley photos and some ridiculous photos.

Praying Mantis – Making Himself Huge With Sushi and Eternals

November 2 2021

We’ve had a lovely visitor at our front door for the past few days. Thomas was going to move him, as we were afraid we might step on the little fella. He wasn’t having it, making himself look huge!

November 5 2021

This afternoon was veggie sushi, followed by a matinee showing of Eternals with Thomas.

I have to share this wasabi powder. It is amazing!! It’s 100% freeze fried wasabia japonica (wasabi). Mix it with water, let sit for 10 minutes, and wow! 💥💥💥 It’s strong! Also this sushi ginger. Incredibly tasty!

The sky was gorgeous when we exited the theater, with both of us agreeing that we liked the movie.

Vegan Eats: Jackfruit Tacos With Curry Butternut Squash and Steamed Vegetables

October 8 2021

I made jackfruit tacos yesterday. They were so pretty, I had to take their photo. Had them for lunch and dinner.

October 13 2021

And then I made a curry, butternut and honey nut squash soup. Good stuff!

October 15 2021

One of my absolute favorite meals. Steamed vegetables over a huge serving of basmati rice, with a few dollops of vegan butter and a few shakes of pink Himalayan salt. 😋😋😋 (and heavily seasoned with my “everyday” seasoning.)

Nighttime Bocce Ball While Relaxing by the Pool Eating the Best Burger Ever

August 3 2021

Bocce ball tonight for me and Thomas.

August 4 2021

I decided it was about damn time and okay if I just relax, and do nothing. Very hard for me. I’m used to always feeling I’m being useful, researching, advocating for Thomas or Lillian, creating some form of art. Whether it’s writing or creating art in some form, or being out exploring Mother Nature. This is okay, Camilla.

That was The Best “burger” I think I’ve ever had. I love these new-to-me vegan pretzel buns I discovered. They have sausage buns, too. Yes. I bought those, also. They are delicious with a “hot dog” and beans spooned over the top.

Movie Night: The Lion King with Nachos

March 13 2021

Lillian and Camilla movie night: Lillian’s choice – “The Lion King” 2019 Live Action version

Lillian says, “Like the songs, my favorite character was Nala, like the moral of never give up, and would definitely would recommend.”

I say, “It was okay. Beautiful scenery.”

Nacho night. This was so good and satisfying! 😋😋😋