Throwback Post: Amazing Teacher With an IEP and an Adventure


September 24 2013:

Thomas told me this morning that he wants to be a teacher. I asked him why and he said Mrs. Nicole always looks like she’s having so much fun (his teacher). And she’s friends with all of the students. This touched my heart so … almost made my eyes sweat! She IS a fabulous teacher indeed and he is right on … She is having the time of her life spending her days with these kids …. She shines and it’s obvious she is so happy! Both Thomas and Lillian have had the experience of having the opposite kind of person as a teacher and I am so very blessed and grateful for Mrs. Nicole and her beautiful light! xoxo


September 24 2012:

Yippee Skippy … Shakin my groove thang y’all!! Just home from possibly the shortest 1 year IEP meeting EVER!!!! Was also Lillian’s 1st one to participate in …. It was PERFECT!!! Total time: 30 minutes!! Shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang, yea, yea …


September 24 2011:

Off for an adventure!!

Here’s where we ended up!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Lake Tahoe – Sand Harbor

Throwback Post: Swimming With Adventures and Stale Marshmallows


October 9 2015:

Yummy, refreshing swim this afternoon. Now we’re off to the Great May Center Pumpkin Walk. xoxo


October 9 2014:

I’m guessing one is not being very mindful when one walks into the screen door instead of opening it first. Glad it was the screen and not the glass! That was interesting.


Bowers Mansion grounds this past Spring. Such a beautiful area. So peaceful and quiet.


October 9 2011:

Did you know you could make Halloween decorations out of stale marshmallows?? Playing with food adventures!!

Off for a little wee adventure!!

We went to Yogurt Beach and then to Audrey Harris Park!! Just a little wee adventure!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! What a treat!!!

Enjoying the amazing and awesome view with a tummy full of Yogurt Beach Yum!!!


Throwback Post: Substitute With an Adventure in a Family Membership


October 14 2014:

HDMS is keeping me busy this week subbing y’all! Full day Monday, today, tomorrow and half day on Friday. We shall see what happens with Thursday! Whew! Overflowing with gratitude … Thank you, Thank you, Thank you …. xoxo


October 14 2012:

Adventure time ….

Got a call Thursday that Team TLC was being offered a grant for a one year family membership …. We are extremely grateful and blessed …

Throwback Post: Creative Art On An Adventure with Multi-Legged Wonders


August 10 2015:

Movement, Creative Art, Emotional ConneXion, Relaxation … My kinda day! I’m facilitating this workshop with Barbara Richmond Chastain on Sunday, 8.23.15 and will specifically facilitate the emotional conneXion portion. Wanna come out and join us and the horses? PLUS: A mindful and organic lunch is included! YUM! If you feel you would benefit from this, we WANT you there. There are scholarships available. The more people we assist, the more joy, peace, and love spreads to others. xoxoxo…/connexions-workshop


August 10 2012:

The Romano Duo are OFF for an adventure …. Reno to Salt Lake City to Denver to Wichita to Little Rock to Learned, Mississippi!!! Aunt Debbie Burton and Aunt Connie Wilson …. They are on their way!! Hope y’all have some FUN adventures while they are visiting!


Last day of Multi-Legged Wonders Camp Adventures for Team Member T!!! Oh what fun he had!!


August 10 2011:

Sibshop Training!!! Awesome stuff!! We have such great views here!!! 


August 10 2009:

I am so tired, my body hurts! What a beautiful, inspiring, awesome, FUN time we had in Dallas at the eWn Conf. What I came away with: Goals are a responsibility, not an option ~ Bad Seed, Bad Seed ~ Yes, Yes ~ Make Everything out of Nothing ~ Don’t Miss the Big Lesson ~ Use My Mess to Make a Message ~ No Matter What!!! And I truly love & am grateful for the Reno eWn women who shared with me & support & love me!

January 28 2012: Ancient Wonders and Machines and Adventures

Thomas spent much of the morning reading Ancient Wonders (amazon affiliate link). He said it is a GREAT book. When I saw it at the library, I knew he would like it!

Then he spent the rest of his morning watching Mighty Machines: Mega Machines (amazon affiliate link). He watches this one over and over. He asked if he could write to the library and tell them how much he likes the show. I suggested he send an email to the company that created the video. After we looked it up online he sent the company an email and then wrote a blog post about it also.

It was time to get out of the house so we went on a little adventure. Thomas and Lillian had been online looking for an adventure and Thomas wanted to go to The Circus {Circus Circus} or The Grand Sierra. He was very sad and upset when I told him we were not going to either of those places. I asked him to trust me and that I knew he would like what I had in mind! He finally said “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

I’ve lived here since December 2006 and have never explored Washoe Lake State Park. That’s where we headed and oh, my goodness! Nature did not disappoint. It was an up and down emotion filled adventure as we drove through the areas touched and destroyed by the Washoe Valley brush fire a couple of weeks ago. Washoe Lake was absolutely amazing and beautiful and Thomas and Lillian loved it too! You will definitely hear more about Team TLC adventures to this gorgeous place! Thomas was thrilled and oh so happy with what I had chosen for our adventure!! 🙂 🙂

My silly attempt to get all three of us in the picture. I took three pictures and all three were of only ME! Ha!

Lillian was a bit unsure and off balance as we were on a deck built over the wetland area. If my gas tank had been full we would have drove around the Lake and explored more. A definite for next time!!

Headed home for dinner and Team TLC MOVIE NIGHT!