Fun at the Kid Fair


April 26 2009:

Took Thomas & Lillian to the Kid’s Fair on Saturday! They had so much fun!

Thomas & Lillian at Idlewild Park.

Thomas not so sure about the dude who keeps trying to get him to do a somersault.

He wanted to pick the balls up and throw them!

Most exciting part ~ diggin in the sand!

Thomas & Lillian Kid's Fair 4.26.09 #1 Thomas & Lillian Kid's Fair 4.26.09 #2 Thomas & Lillian Kid's Fair 4.26.09 #3 Thomas & Lillian Kid's Fair 4.26.09 #4 Thomas & Lillian Kid's Fair 4.26.09 #5 Thomas & Lillian Kid's Fair 4.26.09 #6 Thomas & Lillian Kid's Fair 4.26.09 #7 Thomas & Lillian Kid's Fair 4.26.09 #8 Thomas & Lillian Kid's Fair 4.26.09 #9

South Valleys Library Art Gallery and Incline Village Library

October 23 2016:

…. And, coming in 2017 at the South Valleys Library’s rotating art gallery ….. a Team TLC showing. I think it will be their first family showing!! The date will not be set until we reach 2017 so we’ll share when we know.

Featuring a few of Thomas’ photographs from his book, Lillian’s abstract art (and her book if it’s ready by then), and we shall see what appears from me.



October 26 2016:

Field trip today!!! Incline village library ….. Beautiful drive up and down Mt Rose. Such a great library!!!! Books … for the Love of it! xoxo

field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-1 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-2 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-3 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-4 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-5 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-6 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-7 field-trip-to-incline-village-library-10-26-16-8

January 30 2012: Walking and Car Washing and Fixing Dinner

Thomas, Lillian and I went for a walk today after lunch. It was absolutely gorgeous! Thomas suggested we wash the car when we got back home! So we did . . .

We all had so much fun fixing dinner together and then it was bath time for Lillian and shower time for Thomas. They are thrilled when we have a Team TLC fixing dinner together night! Actually, all we did was warm up leftovers . . . same difference to them!

Before bed I read Huckle Cat’s Busiest Day Ever (amazon affiliate link) to Thomas and Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory (amazon affiliate link) to Lillian. The Richard Scarry book’s are fabulous. They are nostalgic for me because they always make me think of my Mammaw Mann. I love you Mammaw! Thomas and Lillian both love them, and who doesn’t like Curious George?!


January 28 2012: Ancient Wonders and Machines and Adventures

Thomas spent much of the morning reading Ancient Wonders (amazon affiliate link). He said it is a GREAT book. When I saw it at the library, I knew he would like it!

Then he spent the rest of his morning watching Mighty Machines: Mega Machines (amazon affiliate link). He watches this one over and over. He asked if he could write to the library and tell them how much he likes the show. I suggested he send an email to the company that created the video. After we looked it up online he sent the company an email and then wrote a blog post about it also.

It was time to get out of the house so we went on a little adventure. Thomas and Lillian had been online looking for an adventure and Thomas wanted to go to The Circus {Circus Circus} or The Grand Sierra. He was very sad and upset when I told him we were not going to either of those places. I asked him to trust me and that I knew he would like what I had in mind! He finally said “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

I’ve lived here since December 2006 and have never explored Washoe Lake State Park. That’s where we headed and oh, my goodness! Nature did not disappoint. It was an up and down emotion filled adventure as we drove through the areas touched and destroyed by the Washoe Valley brush fire a couple of weeks ago. Washoe Lake was absolutely amazing and beautiful and Thomas and Lillian loved it too! You will definitely hear more about Team TLC adventures to this gorgeous place! Thomas was thrilled and oh so happy with what I had chosen for our adventure!! 🙂 🙂

My silly attempt to get all three of us in the picture. I took three pictures and all three were of only ME! Ha!

Lillian was a bit unsure and off balance as we were on a deck built over the wetland area. If my gas tank had been full we would have drove around the Lake and explored more. A definite for next time!!

Headed home for dinner and Team TLC MOVIE NIGHT!


January 27 2012: Dark Chocolate Almond Milk and Pallet Night

Had a busy day working on getting my book ready to submit for printing in a few weeks! Began the evening with a yummy dark chocolate almond milk and banana shake with a secret ingredient! Oh, this was so good!

Thomas read Deputy Dorkface: How Sugaropolis Got Dessert Back (amazon affiliate link). He said it was so good he was going to read it every day. I don’t agree 100% that it’s that good. Moral of the story is awesome. I just don’t care for what led up to the moral! I think he likes how colorful the illustrations are in the book and it’s all about sweets and desserts!

Friday night is what we call pallet night around the Team TLC house. I make a nice cozy “bed” on the living room floor and they get to camp out there for the weekend! Lillian and Thomas look forward to this all week!


January 26 2012: Surprises and Reading

Turned in the last of my final projects today for obtaining certification as a Special Needs Life Coach! YAY!

Lillian told me I should lay down on the couch for a little rest. Guess my tiredness was showing a wee bit!

So I took a rest on the couch and closed my eyes for about fifteen minutes. I heard these two whispering and sneaking around. When I got up, Thomas had left this note for me next to my pillow. Then he gave me this little bag with another note and three hershey kisses. Lillian had made me a gift too, but I wasn’t allowed to open it. It’s hidden under my bed and I can open it on Valentine’s Day or my birthday. Hope we remember it’s there!

My heart just about bursts with happiness and warmth to come around the corner and find this. He was reading Uncle Scrooge in Duck Tales – Like a Hurricane (amazon affiliate link) and didn’t stop ’til he finished the entire book!! Said it was the best book he’d EVER read!


January 20 2012: Math and Game Boards and Nature

Fridays are Electronics Day in our house. Thomas and Lillian can use all the electronics they want with no time limits; including DVD’s and the computer.

But, we still had to get some work done first! Lillian had a math lesson focused on units. We’re working in the Math U See program. I love the concept of this.

Thomas was assessed today in kindergarten class to prepare his report card. He did fantastic. He is reading and comprehending at an end of second grade level. His behavior has improved a great deal too. Mrs. O’Connor is so proud of him and so am I!!!!

Sitting at my next desk creating tips for my new email newsletter; turned around and Thomas was dictating a blog post to Lillian for his website. He’s at the beginning stages of learning to spell so he still needs help with that part of it. Told him I would install a program for him where he speaks it and the program will type it for him. He LOVED that!

Thomas and I played a game of Parker Brothers – Sorry (amazon affiliate link) after dinner. Board games are so nostalgic for me. I grew up playing them all the time with my cousins. We had a ball and it was my FIRST time winning against him!

After that Thomas went back to watching one of his favorite shows, Popular Mechanics for Kids: Lightning and Other Forces of Nature (amazon affiliate link). He watches this over and over. There are quite a few in the series. I can’t understand why they stopped making these. The website isn’t even around anymore. He devours them, over and over and over!

January 15, 2012

A Team TLC Stay at Home Day! We had some strong winds . . . thought some wind pictures would be FUN!

Thomas did some origami and made a cup all by himself! This little book is great . . . Paper Magic The Art Of Origami (amazon affiliate link). We’ve also made the pinwheel and Lillian and I made a fortune teller. It’s a great little book PLUS it comes with the paper.

Then it was Family Reading Night!! One of my favorite Team TLC adventures! Movie night is my other favorite.

And before bed Thomas wrote a post titled “Things I Like Best” in which he mentioned his little stuffed animal puppy. Go Thomas Go!

Camilla’s Happiness Journal: Week of January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012, Sunday, Happiness is:

Volcano eruption experiments with Thomas.

Being comfy in our house with Thomas and Lillian.

Going to the park with Thomas and Lillian.

Being a part of Thomas and Lillian’s “skill” of living in the present moment.

Hearing my kids tell me how good dinner is and asking if we can have this same meal every night!

Family reading night with Thomas and Lillian – pure bliss . . .

Monday, January 9, 2012, Happiness is:

To be honest I didn’t want to write my happiness log for tonight. I’ve had a really funky day. Thomas had a rough day too which added to my funky day! 😉 The first day back at school after a break is hard for him. But I know after I write this I will go to bed much lighter and “happier”!

Watching Thomas play at the park and make friends with kids he has just met.

Cooking dinner with Thomas and Lillian.

Sitting on the couch with each of my kids snuggled beside me and reading a book to them.

Support and cheering from my friends.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012, Happiness is:

Being a part of Thomas’s excitement about riding the bus to school.

Knowing that Thomas had a GOOD day at school.

The energy at Advanced Pediatric Therapies {where Lillian receives ST, OT and PT).

Kindness from people you’ve just met.

How happy Lillian is when I pick her up from therapies.

Lillian reading a book after dinner while Thomas and I put together one of his Lego sets.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012, Happiness is:

Thomas asking me to snuggle next to him in bed.

Doing good things.


Spending time with awesome, fabulous friends.

Realizing the power of our attitudes and thoughts.


Thursday, January 12, 2012, Happiness is:

The sparkle in Lillian’s eyes when she’s excited and happy.

Hearing Thomas laugh in his sleep.

Kind and loving words spoken by friends.

Thomas and Lillian sitting beside my desk “helping” me work.

Thomas’s gushing compliments about something as simple as macaroni and cheese.

My warm comfy bed.

Friday, January 13, 2012, Happiness is:

Being connected to others.

A glass of ice cold almond milk.

A bowl of popcorn.

A hot shower.

Saturday, January 14, 2012, Happiness is:

Thomas declaring today a “Stay Home Day”.

Being on the receiving end of Thomas and Lillian’s comments and questions . . . most times ;-).

Trips in the car with Lillian and Thomas.