January 26 2012: Surprises and Reading

Turned in the last of my final projects today for obtaining certification as a Special Needs Life Coach! YAY!

Lillian told me I should lay down on the couch for a little rest. Guess my tiredness was showing a wee bit!

So I took a rest on the couch and closed my eyes for about fifteen minutes. I heard these two whispering and sneaking around. When I got up, Thomas had left this note for me next to my pillow. Then he gave me this little bag with another note and three hershey kisses. Lillian had made me a gift too, but I wasn’t allowed to open it. It’s hidden under my bed and I can open it on Valentine’s Day or my birthday. Hope we remember it’s there!

My heart just about bursts with happiness and warmth to come around the corner and find this. He was reading Uncle Scrooge in Duck Tales – Like a Hurricane (amazon affiliate link) and didn’t stop ’til he finished the entire book!! Said it was the best book he’d EVER read!