January 30 2012: Walking and Car Washing and Fixing Dinner

Thomas, Lillian and I went for a walk today after lunch. It was absolutely gorgeous! Thomas suggested we wash the car when we got back home! So we did . . .

We all had so much fun fixing dinner together and then it was bath time for Lillian and shower time for Thomas. They are thrilled when we have a Team TLC fixing dinner together night! Actually, all we did was warm up leftovers . . . same difference to them!

Before bed I read Huckle Cat’s Busiest Day Ever (amazon affiliate link) to Thomas and Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory (amazon affiliate link) to Lillian. The Richard Scarry book’s are fabulous. They are nostalgic for me because they always make me think of my Mammaw Mann. I love you Mammaw! Thomas and Lillian both love them, and who doesn’t like Curious George?!


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