Throwback Post: Sunset Walks While Reading and Cooking


September 10 2015:

Just WOW! Beautiful walk tonight. Plus a moving quote from the bedtime book we read last night … “Do the little thing that comes from YOUR heart and everything might change, in ways no one could imagine.” – The Brave Little Parrot


September 10 2014:

What a great morning presenting to Lillian’s classmates about chromosomes, genes, DNA, differences, acceptance, non-judgment, patience, loving and accepting our unique selves, supporting one another, and that Different iz Good! Even had a sweet young man buy one of my books for his aunt. He has a cousin with 22q-. He totally got my presentation. I could sense it in his energy and his eyes! YAY! These kids are awesome! Will post it all to my blog later today for any interested in sparking a conversation with your kids or perhaps you want to give a similar talk at your child’s school. xoxo


September 10 2013:

Just back from a soul soothing walk. Overflowing with gratitude for the abundance of serenity and peace Mother Nature shares so freely and effortlessly. Full up of LOVE!! xoxoxo

“I feel, no, I KNOW we are at the beginning of something beautiful, magical and amazing coming into our lives! I choose to present this to myself and my kids as an opportunity for adventure. I shared the exciting news with Thomas and Lillian this past Sunday night … carefully worded and presented as a shiny new gift on a silver platter just waiting to be opened ……” Who’s ready to set sail with Team TLC? Thanks Luther for the play on words!

Allowing the Gift of a Situation

September 10 2013: Gonna enjoy as many of these sunset reading moments as we possibly can in the next month and a half …. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


September 10 2012:

I’m so excited!!! Prepping for my annual “Lillian Presentation”. Every year I present to Lillian’s classmates about her differences. This year I’ll have a larger audience as all of the 4-6 grade teachers want me to present to their students instead of just Lillian’s class! WOW!! I’m thrilled to be given the opportunity to have these little minds to inspire and educate … My desire is that I say just the right thing, in just the right way to inspire at least one of them, hopefully more, to accept themselves just as they ARE and to carry that forward to acceptance and kindness towards those with differences … The magic happens this Friday, the 14th … not just any Friday and not just any 14th …. It’s a very special inspiring little ladies birthday that day too …. Rock on Ms. Lillian … Keep on shinin girl

Makin dinner adventures for Team Member T … Fillin my boy with confidence and kindness tonight … Spaghetti and Meatball Stoup … And I was Thomas’ helper all the way!

A little poem inspired by Team Member T & L this past July 2012 …


September 10 2011:

About 10,000 feet up on Southwest Air on our way back to Reno from Vegas!!!


September 10 2009:

Awoke with these thoughts this morning. 1st & foremost we must trust ourselves. We must trust & support decisions we make even if we don’t fully understand why we must make certain decisions! Liked it so much thought I’d share!


Had a ball at Vino 100 Supporting Danell & Lisa with their wine tasting fundraiser for the 3 Day Walk next month! Man, those red wines were yummy!!

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