Throwback Post: The Traveling Romano Duo With Sibshops and Blew Out My Flip Flop


August 11 2012:

The Romano Duo arrived safely in Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon …. left this morning for Denver!! Collecting rocks for Thomas and Lillian along the way … BEST souvenir EVER!! Go Mom and Frank Go!

Here’s to a yummy dinner and Team TLC!! We sure do miss the Romano Duo but we also enjoy our time alone together too!!


August 11 2011:

Second day of Sibshops – Actual Sibshops today!! High energy today!! Don Meyer doing his thang!

WOW! What a full past 2 days – I’m kinda pooped after the 2 day Sibshops training! Look out Reno . . . we’ve got some agencies and nonprofits (Turning Views Foundation included) that are gonna collaborate to bring y’all Sibshops!!


August 11 2009:

Blew out my flip flop, stepped on a pop tart . . . . Taking a dancin break with my kiddos. What would I do without these great little people in my life????

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