Throwback Post: Pizza and Bowling With Horses in Vegas


July 17 2014:

Sibshops for Thomas tonight! Pizza and bowling …. Right on!


July 17 2013:

What beautiful pictures to wake up to this morning! Thank you Barbara and all the volunteers! Making my eyes sweat!


July 17 2012:

Ice Cream Toast … Just cause … Thomas & I have time while Lillian is in therapy and we had $2!!!


There goes more books … Sending some Beautiful Reno Sky with em this time!!


July 17 2011:

I love this man (Frank Romano) to pieces!! Best darn step-dad in the whole entire world!!! We have definitely had some amazing, fun and hilarious adventures fer sure! Looking forward to these new adventures with he and my Mama!

…. from Frank …

The countdown is on, 45 days until retirement! Then on to new adventures in Las Vegas in the Sun City Summerlin community. Looking forward to both. It will be hard to leave Reno, and our family and friends here, but you’ve got to keep moving forward and seek out new adventures. Planning on doing some traveling once we get settled, so will try to get by and see all of our friends and family everywhere. Not going to sit still for my retirement. This is the time to live!


The Purge Fest has moved into the house now y’all!! One closet and one bedroom down!! Wahooooooo!!

How Not to Boil Water With Strolling Peacocks at the Chocolate Shop

April 9 2022

I’m unclear how my water is going to boil this way.

April 17 2022

The peacocks were out for a stroll yesterday.

April 17 2022

Last Sunday Thomas helped with a Sibshop at Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company. He led a game of Jeopardy for the kids, and they had some delicious chocolate. This is such an amazing program.

Throwback Post: The Traveling Romano Duo With Sibshops and Blew Out My Flip Flop


August 11 2012:

The Romano Duo arrived safely in Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon …. left this morning for Denver!! Collecting rocks for Thomas and Lillian along the way … BEST souvenir EVER!! Go Mom and Frank Go!

Here’s to a yummy dinner and Team TLC!! We sure do miss the Romano Duo but we also enjoy our time alone together too!!


August 11 2011:

Second day of Sibshops – Actual Sibshops today!! High energy today!! Don Meyer doing his thang!

WOW! What a full past 2 days – I’m kinda pooped after the 2 day Sibshops training! Look out Reno . . . we’ve got some agencies and nonprofits (Turning Views Foundation included) that are gonna collaborate to bring y’all Sibshops!!


August 11 2009:

Blew out my flip flop, stepped on a pop tart . . . . Taking a dancin break with my kiddos. What would I do without these great little people in my life????

Lunch with Old Friends and Sibshops and Books and Fingerprints and Letting Go

July 23 2017:

It was so amazing to see you face to face once again Kimberly Phipps-Nichol!! I’m so thrilled to have met Nguyen Tom Griggs also!!! You two leave me speechless. Blessed and grateful to infinity and beyond!! I love you!!!

And, yay, for seeing friends I had not seen in years! Wow!!! Great to see and chat with Glenna E Smith, Cheri Hill, Donna Holland, Johanna McClain, and  Simantel!!!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful afternoon!! xoxoxo …

Camilla and Kimberly 7.23.17

Lunch with Kimberly and Friends 7.23.17

July 26 2017:

Thomas had a great Sibshop event earlier today!! Thank you Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN) and JUSTin HOPE Foundation!! He always has the BEST time at these events.

Plus, finally got a picture of Biggest Little Photographer for sale in the Visitor Center! xoxoxo

Sibshops Thomas 7.26.17 #1 Sibshops Thomas 7.26.17 #2 Sibshops Thomas 7.26.17 #3 Sibshops Thomas 7.26.17 #4

July 27 2017:

Finally got all the books packed! One doesn’t really know how many books one has until it’s time to pack them! YAY me! I’m getting rid of about 30 books! Thomas found about 5 to pass on. Lillian, well, it’s Lillian. She wants to keep everything. Onward! xoxoxo

July 28 2017:

Fingerprints done and turned in to Washoe County Library Administration so that Lillian and I can volunteer at South Valleys Library. That was the last step.

Took Thomas along for a mini field trip to the Sheriff’s office (for my fingerprints). Extremely kind people doing the fingerprinting!! He asked about 544 questions and she answered them all!!

Fingerprints to Library 7.28.17

Oh my gosh!!! She said “Yes”. Lillian has said “yes” to getting rid of something. She wanted a picture so as to remember it. This hasn’t been used in many years. We need to have a celebration!!! I am so happy when I get to pass something on instead of packing it. xoxoxo

Purple Etch a Sketch Lillian 7.28.17

Biggest Little Photographer and Sibshops

January 26 2017:

“Biggest Little Photographer” and “D in for Different” left for Silver Springs Nevada yesterday afternoon. That’s a whole lotta love in that package!! May everyone who touches it on the way, feel the love!! xoxo

 Biggest Little Book and D iz for Different Mailed 1.26.17
January 27 2017:

WOW!!! What a great SibShop this afternoon! Thomas got to tour the lab, the roof (where the helicopter lands), the children’s ER, and the main ER at Renown. He also got to see a brain!

He says the energy there is very sad. Yet, the energy of his group was joyful and he had a good time.

Thank you Diana Beeghly Rovetti, Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN), and JUSTin HOPE Foundation for facilitating and hosting these amazing Sibshops!!

Thomas Sibshop 1.27.17


Pumpkins and Blessings and Adventurous Eater and Sibshop

October 30 2016:

Playing with pumpkins time 🎃 ….. xoxo



October 31 2016:

What a beautiful night! The hills and mountain in the distance were magical with a dusting of snow. Plus, there was a huge bat shaped cloud over the mountain. So incredible!!! These two blessings had a great night. 🎃

thomas-and-lillian-halloween-2016-10-31-16-1 thomas-and-lillian-halloween-2016-10-31-16-2


November 1 2016:

Thomas made a vegan coleslaw to go with dinner to night. So yum!!! I enjoyed it with sweet potato noodles and he enjoyed his with wild shrimp. So happy he’s an adventurous eater.

thomas-making-dinner-11-1-16-1 thomas-making-dinner-11-1-16-2


November 5 2016:

Sibshop day for Thomas!!! He really enjoys these and especially today as Don Meyers was facilitating! Thanks Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN) and JUSTin HOPE Foundation for hosting!!



Sibshop and Smores and Halfway Point

August 21 2016:

Thomas got to enjoy a Sibshop yesterday!! Something different this time … Hiking! Thomas has hiked this area for about two years now and they enjoyed that he was so familiar with it! Thanks Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN) and JUSTin HOPE Foundation for hosting!


August 22 2016:

It was a s’mores kinda night. YUM!!

smores-8-22-16-1 smores-8-22-16-2 smores-8-22-16-3 smores-8-22-16-4


August 23 2016:

Today I reached the halfway point before getting this to the publisher! Should go much faster now. By this Friday or next Friday at the latest, Biggest Little Photographer is leaving my “hands”!! I’m so happy that we back-tracked and decided to group the photos into themes. Looks awesome!

There won’t be a ton of content in the book. It will mostly be the photos Thomas took, with a tad bit of imagination thrown in, a couple of bloopers that happened during the process and some quotes.

Here’s a sneak peak (unedited): “Hey friends! I’m Mr. Minifigure Photographer, also known as The Biggest Little Photographer. One day in March 2014, 8 year old Thomas Darnell, was inspired by an article his mom shared with him. He bought me a minifigure size camera and I travelled with him everywhere he went for 365 days straight …..”

Our continued gratitude for those who continue to pre-purchase, share, comment, like, and watch the book trailer. xoxo