Pumpkins and Blessings and Adventurous Eater and Sibshop

October 30 2016:

Playing with pumpkins time 🎃 ….. xoxo



October 31 2016:

What a beautiful night! The hills and mountain in the distance were magical with a dusting of snow. Plus, there was a huge bat shaped cloud over the mountain. So incredible!!! These two blessings had a great night. 🎃

thomas-and-lillian-halloween-2016-10-31-16-1 thomas-and-lillian-halloween-2016-10-31-16-2


November 1 2016:

Thomas made a vegan coleslaw to go with dinner to night. So yum!!! I enjoyed it with sweet potato noodles and he enjoyed his with wild shrimp. So happy he’s an adventurous eater.

thomas-making-dinner-11-1-16-1 thomas-making-dinner-11-1-16-2


November 5 2016:

Sibshop day for Thomas!!! He really enjoys these and especially today as Don Meyers was facilitating! Thanks Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN) and JUSTin HOPE Foundation for hosting!!



The Kids Business Fair – Thomas and Lillian

October 7, 2016:

Been working all afternoon helping Thomas and Lillian get their table designed for tomorrow. Almost done. Not pictured are the home made signs. Will get a picture of those tomorrow. xoxo


And then there’s this …. come by and grab a few … xoxoxo


And …. then there’s this!!! Come get yours tomorrow!!! xoxo



October 8 2016:

If you’re out and about today, come get some free hugs and a few love cards to share loving kindness!

Come see Team TLC today from 11-1 at the 1st Annual Children’s Business Fair. There will be tons of cool and hand made items … all by kids!! (Evelyn Mount Community Center)

Thomas will be selling his book, Biggest Little Photographer. He’ll also have painted rocks and a few other items. Lillian will be selling prints of her abstract art and bookmarks. I will be there as their assistant and giving out FREE hugs and smiles.

Come see us and get some one of a kind and unique gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays! xoxoxoxoxo

egyptian-eye-4-29-15 thomas-with-biggest-little-photographer-proof-book-10-4-16

Come see us!!!! xoxo Kids Business Fair

kids-business-fair-10-8-16-3 kids-business-fair-10-8-16-2 kids-business-fair-10-8-16-1

Thomas and Lillian were just interviewed for the Wake Up television show .. produced by Adryenn Ashley .. Go T and L Go!!!! xoxo

kids-business-fair-wake-up-interview-10-8-16-3 kids-business-fair-wake-up-interview-10-8-16-2 kids-business-fair-wake-up-interview-10-8-16-1

We Learn About Sagebrush and Explore the Nevada State Museum

September 6 2016:

Field trip today! We learned all about sage, the Nevada state flower, and then got to explore the museum. Haven’t been here since Thomas was a wee young one!