Packing and S’mores and Accidental Photo

July 30 2017:

Packing, packing, packing …. Relieved that we have downsized so much, we’re finding it difficult to fill boxes we’ve started. So far I have about four bags to donate and about 30 books too!

The past few days have been a mixture of packing, peace, harmony, arguing, and rubbing one another’s thorns. Like riding a roller coaster that runs through a zen garden, a fun house, a garden of love, and a mad house. Whew! xoxoxoxo

When it comes down to it, there’s not a whole lot that is essential. I am incredibly grateful that I have learned how to release the need to have and keep things.

I have a shadow box with a beach scene with a lighthouse and small cabin. I have kept if for years and years as a reminder that I want to experience that some day. I took it off the bathroom wall and put it in a box.

Two days later, I decided that I was done looking at this representation of what I want to experience and am ready to pass it on. I think it’s more likely I’ll experience the real thing without it … And, it’s truly okay if I never experience it.


August 3 2017:

There are those times when you think you have nothing to celebrate. Those are the times to celebrate.

Gluten free, vegan s’mores … Here’s to Life. We are loved. We are breathing. We can see, hear, walk, and talk. We can dance …. and we can celebrate with s’mores. Towanda!!! xoxoxo

Smores 8.3.17 #1 Smores 8.3.17 #2 Smores 8.3.17 #3

August 4 2017:

What an amazing accidental photo. Well, kind of accidental. Lillian and I had a quick swim this morning. I glanced at my phone on the table and this caught my eye. xoxoxo

Cool Umbrella Picture 8.4.17

August 4 2017:

Finally made it before they close during the week for the season. Now it’s only weekends until Labor Day. Such a great pool! Refreshing too! xoxoxo

Bowers Mansion Swimming 8.4.17 #1 Bowers Mansion Swimming 8.4.17 #2 Bowers Mansion Swimming 8.4.17 #3 Bowers Mansion Swimming 8.4.17 #4

Sibshop and Smores and Halfway Point

August 21 2016:

Thomas got to enjoy a Sibshop yesterday!! Something different this time … Hiking! Thomas has hiked this area for about two years now and they enjoyed that he was so familiar with it! Thanks Down Syndrome Network of Northern Nevada (DSNNN) and JUSTin HOPE Foundation for hosting!


August 22 2016:

It was a s’mores kinda night. YUM!!

smores-8-22-16-1 smores-8-22-16-2 smores-8-22-16-3 smores-8-22-16-4


August 23 2016:

Today I reached the halfway point before getting this to the publisher! Should go much faster now. By this Friday or next Friday at the latest, Biggest Little Photographer is leaving my “hands”!! I’m so happy that we back-tracked and decided to group the photos into themes. Looks awesome!

There won’t be a ton of content in the book. It will mostly be the photos Thomas took, with a tad bit of imagination thrown in, a couple of bloopers that happened during the process and some quotes.

Here’s a sneak peak (unedited): “Hey friends! I’m Mr. Minifigure Photographer, also known as The Biggest Little Photographer. One day in March 2014, 8 year old Thomas Darnell, was inspired by an article his mom shared with him. He bought me a minifigure size camera and I travelled with him everywhere he went for 365 days straight …..”

Our continued gratitude for those who continue to pre-purchase, share, comment, like, and watch the book trailer. xoxo