Throwback Post: First Day of Fifth Grade and Tenth Grade


August 8 2016:

First day of 5th grade for Thomas and 10th grade for Lillian. Field trip to Bowers Mansion park and pool after a morning of working. Thank you to Northern Nevada Home Schools, Inc. for organizing this. We had so much fun!!!!

Swimming in the Cold With a Manual Sweeper and The Shadow Whisperer

November 19 2020

Just back from a swim. This is the first time I’ve ever had access to an outdoor, year-round, heated pool. (YAY!!!) The water felt amazing, heated to 80 degrees currently. We’ll see if I can keep it up as the temperature drops. 💙 💦 🏊‍♀️ 💦💙

November 22 2020

This manual sweeper is in the top ten of best purchases. Lillian and I split the cost of this so that she could help clean the mess she leaves behind after eating.

Some of my C18 friends will understand. She doesn’t have lip closure, and has issues with sitting close to the table, leaving lots of crumbs and bits on the floor. Another win for both of us!! Go Lillian!! 🎉🎉🎉 And, yay for me!! 🎉🎉🎉

November 26 2020

Spotted this morning. Before Lillian came into my life, I don’t think I would have ever been as observant of shadows. She’s the Shadow Whisperer, and has taught me much. 🖤❤️🖤

Operation Colorado Springs – Haircut with a Thank YOU Evening Swim

July 15 2019:

Step 2 of Operation Colorado Springs or bust! Haircut for Lillian today, registered Thomas for siblings night out and the zoo outing, searching for a hotel room or Airbnb near Sandy, Utah or Spanish Fork, Utah (making my head spin), one grocery store run, and Lillian asking 55 times if I’ve started packing …. Onward!! Thank you Kathy for cutting Lillian’s hair! She loves it!!

Tomorrow is more packing, another grocery store run, and nailing down the details of the route I’m driving. Just reserved a room for us near Provo. A little less than halfway to Colorado Springs. Thank you to everyone who has supported the efforts and to those who are sharing. Deeply appreciated!


Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared! We have surpassed the goal set and can now comfortably enjoy the conference!! When we return to Reno, we’ll begin packing to move into a new and more affordable place. I’ve increased the goal amount for those who wish to continue supporting us. Any further donations will used to pay for the deposit in our new place, movers, and moving truck. I have been waiting for construction to finish on this new place for around 2 years now. It keeps getting bumped due to delays, but, I think it’s finally nearing completion and we are set to move in September 9th. It is a unique/hybrid high end apartment community with 20 percent of the units set aside for working income families. Meaning the rent will be much more affordable (about half of what it is now). Plus!! We get to move from a one bedroom, one bath into a two bedroom, two bath. This will be such a relief for all of us!

July 17 2019:

Halfway done with packing. Lovey, our sweet Guinea pig, has been checked into Hotel Perez. Library visit to return books and to check out goodies for the trip. One last grocery store run. Full tank of gas. One very short night swim for Lillian. Painting of the Lillian toenails compete. Hopefully, I’ll get to bed soon! It begins early tomorrow morning!

Packing and S’mores and Accidental Photo

July 30 2017:

Packing, packing, packing …. Relieved that we have downsized so much, we’re finding it difficult to fill boxes we’ve started. So far I have about four bags to donate and about 30 books too!

The past few days have been a mixture of packing, peace, harmony, arguing, and rubbing one another’s thorns. Like riding a roller coaster that runs through a zen garden, a fun house, a garden of love, and a mad house. Whew! xoxoxoxo

When it comes down to it, there’s not a whole lot that is essential. I am incredibly grateful that I have learned how to release the need to have and keep things.

I have a shadow box with a beach scene with a lighthouse and small cabin. I have kept if for years and years as a reminder that I want to experience that some day. I took it off the bathroom wall and put it in a box.

Two days later, I decided that I was done looking at this representation of what I want to experience and am ready to pass it on. I think it’s more likely I’ll experience the real thing without it … And, it’s truly okay if I never experience it.


August 3 2017:

There are those times when you think you have nothing to celebrate. Those are the times to celebrate.

Gluten free, vegan s’mores … Here’s to Life. We are loved. We are breathing. We can see, hear, walk, and talk. We can dance …. and we can celebrate with s’mores. Towanda!!! xoxoxo

Smores 8.3.17 #1 Smores 8.3.17 #2 Smores 8.3.17 #3

August 4 2017:

What an amazing accidental photo. Well, kind of accidental. Lillian and I had a quick swim this morning. I glanced at my phone on the table and this caught my eye. xoxoxo

Cool Umbrella Picture 8.4.17

August 4 2017:

Finally made it before they close during the week for the season. Now it’s only weekends until Labor Day. Such a great pool! Refreshing too! xoxoxo

Bowers Mansion Swimming 8.4.17 #1 Bowers Mansion Swimming 8.4.17 #2 Bowers Mansion Swimming 8.4.17 #3 Bowers Mansion Swimming 8.4.17 #4