More Found Treasures

February 2 2020

Ahhhhh …. To have them be in this space where they actually like one another, that would be such a blessing. ❤️❤️❤️

Looking through thumb drives and found photos I had forgotten about – Actually thought they were lost as they were on a computer that died, and I no longer have it. So glad I still have these!

Turning Scrapes and Holes Into Sparkles


October 15 2013:

These two awesome little people I know gave me a beautiful gift last night. Thomas and Lillian were playing in the backyard yesterday afternoon when Thomas got a bit too rough pulling her around and she fell. She scraped her foot and tore a hole in her brand new pants that she adores … cause they *sparkle*!!

She was pretty upset with him and he was upset that he did that and upset that he has to be so gentle with her since she falls easily. After I got her calmed down I went outside to check on him. He said he wanted to pay to buy her a new pair of pants. I told him they cost $9 and he said “Awww, that will take all my money.”

He then asked if he could pay for 1/2 of the cost. I told him that sounded fabulous. He went in and apologized to Lillian and told her of his idea. About an hour later they got together in Thomas’ bedroom, happy with one another again, and each wrote and drew something in this card for me. I think the three of us are a perfectly matched trio! xoxo

Card for me from T & L 10.15.13 #1 Card for me from T & L 10.15.13 #2 Card for me from T & L 10.15.13 #3

Where’s My Pillow

July 30 2017:

He (Thomas) asks, “Where’s my pillow?” …. after he looks all over the house for it. “You put it in the freezer after you took it out of the backpack you’d put it in because you were leaving and going to live somewhere else.”

“Oh. That’s right! Thanks!” 😂…. Then he gets in bed with the “Social Security for Dummies” book that he checked out from the library and starts reading it. 😜

I have been blessed with some incredibly interesting kids who are definitely unboring. 🙏💞 xoxox