Throwback Post: Homemade Poem and LEGO Creation


November 6 2013:

Lillian asked Thomas what he wants for his birthday. He told her he wants a nice homemade poem and a lego creation … and on that note, he took a picture of one of her lego creations and uploaded it to some lego app where everyone can look at it and rate it. He called it Statue of Liberty … Going to bed tonight blessed and grateful that I get to have these two in my life …


Throwback Post: Feel Your Emotions with the Lego League Competition with Friends


December 8 2015:

So blessed and excited!!! On Friday, I get to meet with a client to facilitate her desire to release some material items and thought patterns as she heads into 2016. Extremely grateful to share what I have learned and applied over these past 18 years …. “Feel your emotions directly and selflessly, and let their power open you up.” -Dzigar Kongtrul


December 8 2013:

Lego League competition adventures for Thomas! He’s having so much FUN!


December 8 2012:

Lego League Competition Adventures ….this is an adventure fer sure!!!!

Bah Humbug!!!! Team TLC movie night adventures ….


December 8 2011:

Love you Kimberly! So so so happy you were able to be there tonight!I I love you to pieces!!

I am so darn blessed and grateful to have these women in my life . . . we are missing eight of them in this picture (we toasted to y’all though and you were in our hearts)!!!!!


December 8 2010:

Just came from the optometrist – “You have beautiful and very healthy eyes” he says! And, I was in and out in 30 minutes! Love it when visits like that are fast and full of good news! YAY!!


December 8 2009:

Just got my workout! Took a break & pulled Thomas on the saucer sled outside in the snow! Man, I’m outta shape! I feel so completely refreshed though! Ahhhhhhhhh!!

Robot School and Java Coding Classes for Thomas


May 15 2017:

So excited for Thomas! He is embarking on a year long adventure into Robot School! This very small class will meet twice a week, for about two hours each time, to learn Java programing.

So many occurrences had to “line up” for this. I was not seeking it. I simply had thought a few times over the past several months of what would be a good fit for Thomas. And this is perfect for his “Einstein” type of mind! HA!

We were at the library last Thursday for the coding camp which is Scratch based. He’s already way past this but still wanted to attend the once per month class.

In chatting with the librarian I mentioned LEGO’s NXT Robotics. She said they had tried to get approval for having a club for this; but were denied due to the high expense of the kits (which is why Thomas doesn’t have one yet). But, she says, talk to that woman right over there about it as she heads one of the robot clubs.

I talked with her after the class and Thomas isn’t of the age yet for the club she facilitates …. BUT wait, there’s a small class happening right now in one of the library rooms where a great man who is on sabbatical from Google is teaching the kids Java code. Would he be interested in joining them? What??? Of course!

This wonderful man is volunteering his time, has put together an entire year long course, and is meeting with Thomas right now at the lodge to catch him up on the two classes he missed! Holy Moly!! Life blows my mind sometimes!! Yes! Thank You … And Bring Us More Please …. xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!

Whatever You Dream – It Can Be Done

We had so many congratulating Thomas and asking for information to pre-order the upcoming book, I couldn’t remember who all had asked. Here’s the link … Includes information about the book, how to order, and the first book trailer

Coming Fall 2016, Biggest Little Photographer

While you won’t find photographs of the highest quality and clarity within this book, you will find love, inspiration, and the knowing that whatever you dream, whatever you want to accomplish, it CAN be done.

And you will find that life is what happens between asking, “Can I do that?” and “I DID IT!” xoxoxo …

Lego man minifigure on apples

Camilla’s Happiness Journal: Week of January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012, Sunday, Happiness is:

Volcano eruption experiments with Thomas.

Being comfy in our house with Thomas and Lillian.

Going to the park with Thomas and Lillian.

Being a part of Thomas and Lillian’s “skill” of living in the present moment.

Hearing my kids tell me how good dinner is and asking if we can have this same meal every night!

Family reading night with Thomas and Lillian – pure bliss . . .

Monday, January 9, 2012, Happiness is:

To be honest I didn’t want to write my happiness log for tonight. I’ve had a really funky day. Thomas had a rough day too which added to my funky day! 😉 The first day back at school after a break is hard for him. But I know after I write this I will go to bed much lighter and “happier”!

Watching Thomas play at the park and make friends with kids he has just met.

Cooking dinner with Thomas and Lillian.

Sitting on the couch with each of my kids snuggled beside me and reading a book to them.

Support and cheering from my friends.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012, Happiness is:

Being a part of Thomas’s excitement about riding the bus to school.

Knowing that Thomas had a GOOD day at school.

The energy at Advanced Pediatric Therapies {where Lillian receives ST, OT and PT).

Kindness from people you’ve just met.

How happy Lillian is when I pick her up from therapies.

Lillian reading a book after dinner while Thomas and I put together one of his Lego sets.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012, Happiness is:

Thomas asking me to snuggle next to him in bed.

Doing good things.


Spending time with awesome, fabulous friends.

Realizing the power of our attitudes and thoughts.


Thursday, January 12, 2012, Happiness is:

The sparkle in Lillian’s eyes when she’s excited and happy.

Hearing Thomas laugh in his sleep.

Kind and loving words spoken by friends.

Thomas and Lillian sitting beside my desk “helping” me work.

Thomas’s gushing compliments about something as simple as macaroni and cheese.

My warm comfy bed.

Friday, January 13, 2012, Happiness is:

Being connected to others.

A glass of ice cold almond milk.

A bowl of popcorn.

A hot shower.

Saturday, January 14, 2012, Happiness is:

Thomas declaring today a “Stay Home Day”.

Being on the receiving end of Thomas and Lillian’s comments and questions . . . most times ;-).

Trips in the car with Lillian and Thomas.


January 2012 Date Day with Thomas

Thomas and I went on a date while Lillian was having her therapies (ST, OT and PT). Mr. T had some Christmas money to spend and wanted to buy a Lego set.

Went to Toys r Us and headed straight for the Lego section. Thomas found MANY sets he wanted and other things after he got done looking at the Lego section. I collected a few that were right around $20 for him to decide. He was having such a hard time so I thought maybe if I went and found two Lego sets that still kept him within his budget he might like that. SCORE! That was it. I found several to give him a choice from and he was so relieved that I helped him with his problem. He chose the LEGO Creator Blue Roadster 6913 (amazon affiliate link) and the Lego Tiny Turbo 8302 Rod Rider (amazon affiliate link).

After that we went to Sonic and each got one of the $1 Vanilla Cones. Perfect ending to a perfect date with Team Member T! I ♥♥♥♥♥ that little boy!