Take That First Step by Camilla Downs – Part Two

January 29 2018:

A continuation of thoughts shared two weeks ago. Do you need to have the means before you begin creating? I say start where you are and grow from there. Here’s an excerpt … xoxo

” …. so I’m going to get to the bottom line first thing. And those who are interested about the entire story can read further. Lillian’s book was published with absolutely no money paid out to anyone for the creation of the book. That’s it!

Now, there was a bit of money paid for the ISBN bar code graphic (about $20), for envelopes to mail the books once received (about $15), and for two proof copies of the book (about $15 each which included shipping).

I want to reiterate that I am not sharing this to brag or gloat. That is not my nature. I am sharing this to give hope, to share …… ”

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Now, for Thomas’ book, Biggest Little Photographer. His book did cost us a bit of up front money as it is a photography book and these are not the type of book to use Amazon’s createspace for publishing and printing.

When Thomas was 8 years old, he began a 365 day photography project. Every day for one year he made a photo of a LEGO mini-figure photographer making a photo. We took that little man with us everywhere!! For one full year he traveled with Thomas and Team TLC. In the beginning, I told Thomas that if he stuck with it, we’d make it into a book. A real, published book that we could sell.

And, he did stick with it. About a month or two after beginning …. Go here to read more …

Can a Book Be Published With Little to No Money – Part Two


Biggest Little Photographer on KOLO 8 News

April 10 2017:

Thomas’ segment on KOLO 8 this past Friday, 4.7, talking about Biggest Little Photographer. It’s about 2 minutes. xoxo

“Thomas is so cool! If you didn’t get a chance to see his interview Friday, please watch it here. This 11 year old is published!!!” – Sarah Johns, KOLO 8

Biggest Little Photographer Goes to Nevada Museum of Art and D iz for Different

February 1 2017:

Great news this afternoon!! The Nevada Museum of Art will soon be selling Biggest Little Photographer too! YAY!! For some reason, I have an image of Snoopy dancing around in my mind … HA!

February 3 2017:

What a great day for a trip to the post office. Two “D iz for Different” books – One to Idaho and one to Washington. Plus, one Biggest Little Photographer to New Orleans …. just in time for Mardi Gras!

Mailing Biggest Little Book and D iz for Different 2.3.17

Biggest Little Photographer Featured in Local Author Section

December 9 2016:

Team TLC Library Day + Biggest Little Photographer on the shelf in the Local Author section!! Double the adventure! Wahoooo!

So far Biggest Little Photographer is being sold in 5 local gift shops! Oceans of thanks to everyone for the purchases, referrals, kindness, love, and encouragement!! xoxo

biggest-little-book-at-south-valleys-12-9-16-1 biggest-little-book-at-south-valleys-12-9-16-2 biggest-p9-c


Steps Along the Journey

October 30 2016:


This book, Biggest Little Photographer, represents the fruition of a desire. Yet, within that is the message that the steps along the journey of ones desire are what comprises life itself. It’s sure to inspire with great quotes; almost all of which were chosen by Thomas (some by me). I’ve placed it in the photography/gift/inspiration category as these are most fitting. [ 709 more words ]

Go here to read the full story … https://camilladowns.com/…/biggest-little-photographer-arri…/