Biggest Little Photographer – Coming Soon on Amazon

December 5 2020

Just uploaded the updated cover for Biggest Little Photographer! Proof ordered, and then it will be widely available (previously only available from us). Thank you to the lovely Kate Raina for updating the cover!! We are so very grateful to YOU! xoxo

December 19 2020 Update: It’s live on Amazon!

Creative and Technical Difficulty – Hats Off to Thomas

March 18 2020

Received today from one of the authors I interviewed recently on MTA … 💚💚💚

“PS please tell Thomas I was browsing some of his Biggest Little Photographer photos. What he did was very difficult – especially when he was so young. There was the creative difficulty – a new photo every day for a year – and the technical difficulty of depth of field – 365 days a year. So hats off to him from a fellow photographer.” – Peter Staadecker, Author and Photographer ….

Thank you to Peter for taking the time to check out Thomas’s work, and for taking the time to share his thoughts with me … Deeply appreciated! I continue to be extremely proud of Thomas for doing this and following through with it.

Some fun photos from 2016 after the book was published. Thomas was a part of the Young Blood art showing with two of his photos.

Biggest Little Photographer Featured in Local Author Section

December 9 2016:

Team TLC Library Day + Biggest Little Photographer on the shelf in the Local Author section!! Double the adventure! Wahoooo!

So far Biggest Little Photographer is being sold in 5 local gift shops! Oceans of thanks to everyone for the purchases, referrals, kindness, love, and encouragement!! xoxo

biggest-little-book-at-south-valleys-12-9-16-1 biggest-little-book-at-south-valleys-12-9-16-2 biggest-p9-c