Creative and Technical Difficulty – Hats Off to Thomas

March 18 2020

Received today from one of the authors I interviewed recently on MTA … 💚💚💚

“PS please tell Thomas I was browsing some of his Biggest Little Photographer photos. What he did was very difficult – especially when he was so young. There was the creative difficulty – a new photo every day for a year – and the technical difficulty of depth of field – 365 days a year. So hats off to him from a fellow photographer.” – Peter Staadecker, Author and Photographer ….

Thank you to Peter for taking the time to check out Thomas’s work, and for taking the time to share his thoughts with me … Deeply appreciated! I continue to be extremely proud of Thomas for doing this and following through with it.

Some fun photos from 2016 after the book was published. Thomas was a part of the Young Blood art showing with two of his photos.

Happy Day and Happy World and Biggest Little Photographer

June 25 2018:

Oh, Happy Day!!! It was the perfect day to mail a “Happy World” print way, way, way down to da bayou! Happy and joyful gratitude to our helpers!!

We’re in the final stretch! Do you know anyone who would enjoy receiving a Lillian print? The Egyptian Eye, Rainbow of Emotions, Rainbow Balloon, Happy World, or Rainbow Mandala.

Mailing Happy World Print 6.25.18

June 27 2018:

Sunshine directly onto LaRue as I entered to pick up additional copies of Thomas’ book. I’ll take that as a beautiful message. Biggest Little Photographer is headed to Baltimore with us Friday morning. Thanks LeRue Press!

Biggest Little Photographer Book from LeRue 6.27.18 #2 Biggest Little Photographer Book from LeRue 6.27.18 #3 Biggest Little Photographer Books from LeRue 6.27.18 #1