Throwback Post: Picnic and Strawberry Dessert


May 31 2012:

Picnic in the park adventures!!! Reward for Team Member T having another good day!!

Picnic May 31 2012

Lillian was sad so Thomas made her a special dessert to cheer her up …. Dried apricots and fresh strawberries topped with honey sesame cashews! Looks pretty good!!!

Strawberry Dessert May 2012

Lillian and Camilla May 2020 Date Day

May 21 2020

Lillian and Camilla May 2020 Date Day

Part 1: Burger Me fries for Lillian, followed by Great Full Garden snickerdoodle cookie. Tomato soup with Stuffed portobello mushroom for me (Great Full Gardens), followed by Coconut Bliss Chocolate Walnut Brownie (my favorite so far).

Part 2: Lillian’s first walk in over 2 months! The wind welcomed her back in full force!! 🌿🥀🥀🥀🌿

Movie Night: The Little Mermaid Live!

May 2 2020

Team TLC Movie Night – Lillian’s choice: “The Little Mermaid Live!”

Lillian says, “Good, musical, and my two favorite characters are the two Ariels (Auli’i Cravalho and Jodi Benson).”

I say, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. I’ll be okay if it doesn’t happen again. I did like two of the songs, ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Les Poissons’.”

Thomas sat this one out.

Movie Night: The Princess and the Frog

April 24 2020

Camilla and Lillian extra movie night: The Princess and the Frog – We watched this years ago. So …. second time around.

Lillian says, “Good, favorite character is Tianna, liked the songs, my favorite part was the 2 weddings, and the end, and recommend 100% for this time.

I say, “Like the music in this one!”


Lillian and Camilla April 2020 Date Day

April 23 2020

Lillian and Camilla April 2020 Date Day

Fries and dessert at Team TLC Casa with our lovely sky view (bonus watching the massive amount of ongoing construction as they finish the clubhouse and pool along with the remaining buildings).

Fries from Burger Me for Lillian with a snickerdoodle cookie from Great Full Gardens. Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie for me.

We may continue the date after dinner. We shall see what Ms. Queen for the Day wants.

Part 2: An after dinner drive around South Reno.

Throwback Post: Lillian and Camilla May 2015 Date Day


May 29 2015:

Lillian n Camilla May 2015 Date Day – Part 1 … To the store for nacho ingredients. Then outdoor dining of said yummy nachos. So good!!!

Lillian n Camilla May 2015 Date Day – Part 2 … An after dinner walk, then home for reading together, a dance party, and a movie about birds.

Lillian n Camilla May 2015 Date Day – Part 3 ….. Dessert!!! Chocolate sprinkles donut for Lillian and mini cheesecake for me. That cheesecake was pure taste bud heaven!!! YUM!!

Lillian n Camilla May 2015 Date Day – Part 4 … Fun at my favorite park – Virginia Foothills Park!! As close as I can get to giving this girl a kiss! xoxo

Eight Years in the Making Along with Creating Mini Poems

February 22 2020

8 years in the making …. Team TLC – Thomas, Lillian, Camilla … 3 family members …. 4 published books …. There are more to come. However, I need to take this year to press the reset button, for my physical health and for the emotional health of Thomas and Lillian. We’ve drifted from the Team in our Team TLC; which I know will happen as they get older. Yet, I’ve let vital areas slip by the wayside over the past 4 or 5 years, especially this last year.

One major struggle is about to end for us. Once that gift is showered upon us, the rebuilding of Team TLC begins. Of course it will look and feel different than when Thomas and Lillian were younger, and that’s the beauty of it, tempered with the longing of the way it used to be.

I get the feeling the next book will be authored by all three of us. We shall see. I never really know until I become focused on the book’s creation. xoxo

There were days
She could see no reason to continue

There were days
Shrouded in darkness and despair

There were days
Bubbling with joy and love

There were days
She knew the reason to continue

These were the days
The 18,250 days of riding the wheels of her life.

April 10 2020:

Creating more mini poems and messages to hide in Words of Alchemy. Tedious Yet, there’s nothing like the feeling when phrases come together for a perfect fit. 🖤