Throwback Post: Lillian and Camilla June 2016 Date Day


June 22 2016:

Lillian and Camilla June 2016 Date Day – Picking out dessert for later and smelling all the yummy soaps. We enjoyed our desserts on the patio then played three games of UNO. Lillian won every game!!

We finished our date by reading together on my bed and Lillian made braids in my hair. I LOVE it when she plays with my hair. Perfect date day …. xoxo

Throwback Post: Lillian and Camilla July 2015 Date Day


July 15 2015:

Lillian and Camilla 2015 date day. First stop: Dessert!

Next on the Lillian and Camilla July 2015 date day was a visit to Grassroots Books and then some quick window shopping. What a love filled moment when another customer overhead Lillian talking to me and commented that Lillian has her own special language and that I understand it. She seemed quite moved by this. And more love filled moments running into two other moms of extra ordinary kiddos. Just fills me up, these brief encounters. xoxo

Lillian and Camilla July 2021 Date Day

July 20 2021

Lillian and Camilla July 2021 Date Day

Lillian has never been a fan of traditional pizza. I’ve always made her pizza using a slice of gluten free bread. She does not like sauce. So it’s usually just cheese, olives, pepperoni and salami.

Today she wanted Blaze Pizza, as you can build your own, and they have gluten-free crusts. Still no sauce, but she was adventurous with all the toppings she chose. I cannot believe she ate this pizza! Go Lillian. They have vegan options, too. So I was able to get one for me to have for dinner. 😋😋😋

After pizza we stopped for choosing a macaroon for dessert. Then to window shop in a couple of stores. Lillian really liked the “it’s ok” sticker.