Throwback Post: Lillian and Camilla December 2010 Date Day


December 31 2010:

Date day with my most favorite fairy princess in the whole entire universe!! Lillian and I are off in just a bit to see what kind of trouble we can get into y’all! Happy Happy News Years Eve!!

First stop on the date!! Lillian’s fave restaurant! – Olive Garden

I’ve never had Tropical Sangria – Yummy & pretty too!!!

Cutest little desserts I’ve ever seen!!! One for me and one for Lillian!

Next stop on the date!! – Borders Books and Music

Lillian and Camilla October 2021 Date Day

October 29 2021

Lillian and Camilla October 2021 Date Day

A drive to pick out a dessert cookie for Lillian.

Followed by a walk at one of our favorite spots. We got to see a fire rainbow, enjoy a beautiful, serene walk, ending with walking through the crunchy leaves.

Then a stop to pick up Noble Pie Parlor fries for Lillian.