Throwback Post: Thomas and Camilla November 2014 Date Day


November 21 2014:

November 2014 Thomas n Camilla Date! Begins with a date night! Lillian is having a sleep over with The Romano Duo. Got our date night off to a start with a trip to the grocery store for nacho ingredients. Then a trip to the barber for Thomas and next a quick stop at the library. Then home for our yummy nacho dinner!

Part 2 of the Thomas n Camilla November 2014 date night … Had a ball in the non-fiction section at the library! Spirit Lands is amazing! Gave me chills and my eyes filled with sweat! Thomas felt the same. What a beautiful experience for our date night! Take a look through some of the Native American proverbs included in this visual, musical and magical journey!

Throwback Post: Lillian and Camilla November 2013 Date Day


November 26 2013:

Another beautiful, awesome, magical day! This time I get to go on a date with the fairy princess that I get to call my daughter … Lillian Paige!

First and second stop on the November Date Day for Lillian and Camilla …. Lillian has a french fry obsession, so we tried some we’ve never had before. YUM! Had a car picnic at Audrey Harris Park and then a quick stop down below to Bartley Ranch. Beautiful view for a car picnic!

Last stop on the L & C date day …. Window shopping! One of my least favorite things to do with my time (unless it’s books)! Yet, for Lillian, I will choose to enjoy myself …. and take pictures!

July 2023 Date Day with Thomas

July 26 2023

I had the best date tonight! Thomas leaves tomorrow for two and a half weeks, visiting friends in Philadelphia (and hopefully connecting with our C18 friends, Mike & Cierra!)

Thomas made me laugh so hard. Especially when they said I’m not like any of their friend’s parents, and that I’m normal. What? I’m normal. Thomas says they mean I’m a normal human. We had such rich conversation tonight. I plan on doing as much of this as possible before they leave for college next summer.

We went to Royce for burgers. I had the portobello burger. So good. Then stopped for ice cream at Icecycle Creamery for Thomas.

Ending with a stop at Aubry Harris Park, talking about the many years of memories here and Bartley Ranch. Car picnics while enjoying the view, scavenger hunts, and walks. My heart bursts with joy that we had all of these experiences together.