Throwback Post: Tea With UNO and Books While Being Grateful


November 19 2015:

This tea is amazing!!! Just had the most wonderful cup of tea. Quiet, a great book, the scent of jasmine, a hot cup of delicious tea … Blissed out! Ahhhhhh!!! xoxo


We were supposed to have a date day today … Her stomach was hurting so bad we didn’t make it out of the house. Finally feeling better!!! Got in one game of UNO and we’ve rescheduled date day for Monday! Now I’m off to get Thomas.


November 19 2014:

Off to sub for PE for some great middle schoolers at HDMS! Time to warm up!


November 19 2012:

Thomas’ gratitude for today:

I’m super grateful and thankful to have somebody named Lillian to laugh with and to make happy.


I’m grateful for the creative and talented people that create songs into beautiful, passionate, moving music, grateful for the musical instruments that these amazing people are so gifted at using. Blessed and grateful that I get to be on the receiving end of their talents and be inspired and uplifted … sometimes that means bringing a smile to my face, sometimes that means making my eyes sweat, and sometimes that means dance, dance, dancing and shaking my hips!!


Lillian’s gratitude for today:

I’m thankful for socks.


After a full day of training for the contract work I’m about to begin and experiencing first hand the repair, love and care that these children need from horrid things that they have experienced …. I just got done watching the most amazing, inspiring and beautiful “concert” by the ‘Love Me Band’ (Thomas and Lillian) … Two solo songs by Thomas about Love and Thanksgiving,Two solo songs by Lillian about Thanksgiving and a Thanksgiving song performed by both of them together … My eyes just about sweated (ok, now they are sweating) … And I was once again filled with the beauty, wonder and blessings of life … My hope is that everyone goes to sleep tonight thinking of ALL they have to be grateful for .. Hugs and Love Y’all ..


November 19 2011:

Today I am thankful for modern technology combined with innovation . . . not just the convenience factor . . . the improvement to quality of life that it provides to those like my daughter. Fifteen years ago I could not say, I don’t know what you are saying Lillian, send me a text or use your iPhone and Proloquo2Go . . . Grateful to infinity and back for innovation and technology . . .


Adventures at the library for Team TLC! One of her favorite places … And mine too!!

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