Throwback Post: Sunset With Gratitude While Discovery a Fire


November 18 2014:

Sunset with a cool big tree this past summer 2014. I love taking pictures of trees!


November 18 2012:

Lillian’s gratitude for today:

I am thankful to have clothes.


18 … I am grateful for this beautiful number. A number that has led me to the person I am today. A number that has connected me with people all over the World … Austria, Australia, Canada, England, Israel, Italy, Spain, Venezuela and I’m pretty sure just about EVERY state in the United States! Who woulda thought that a little girl born with a piece of the short arm of her Chromosome #18 deleted (18p-), would serve to create such amazing connections that span the globe. I’m grateful for and blessed for all of my C18 family … They inspire me, motivate me, educate me in a way I cannot even describe. This chromosome abnormality adventure would be missing something if they weren’t a part of this journey. I’m grateful to Jannine DeMars Cody for having the tenacity and courage to create The Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society over 20 years ago!! I LOVE all Y’all!! If I left out your country and we are C18 “family” let me know!


Thomas’ gratitude for today:

I’m thankful for Mommy.


Adventures in discovering how stuff works!!! Cool!! – Discovery Museum


November 18 2011:

Today I am thankful that this fire seems to be under control . . . When I stepped outside this morning at 5:30 for my morning quiet time . . . . I could see this from the Damonte Ranch area . . .

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