Throwback Post: Feel Your Emotions with the Lego League Competition with Friends


December 8 2015:

So blessed and excited!!! On Friday, I get to meet with a client to facilitate her desire to release some material items and thought patterns as she heads into 2016. Extremely grateful to share what I have learned and applied over these past 18 years …. “Feel your emotions directly and selflessly, and let their power open you up.” -Dzigar Kongtrul


December 8 2013:

Lego League competition adventures for Thomas! He’s having so much FUN!


December 8 2012:

Lego League Competition Adventures ….this is an adventure fer sure!!!!

Bah Humbug!!!! Team TLC movie night adventures ….


December 8 2011:

Love you Kimberly! So so so happy you were able to be there tonight!I I love you to pieces!!

I am so darn blessed and grateful to have these women in my life . . . we are missing eight of them in this picture (we toasted to y’all though and you were in our hearts)!!!!!


December 8 2010:

Just came from the optometrist – “You have beautiful and very healthy eyes” he says! And, I was in and out in 30 minutes! Love it when visits like that are fast and full of good news! YAY!!


December 8 2009:

Just got my workout! Took a break & pulled Thomas on the saucer sled outside in the snow! Man, I’m outta shape! I feel so completely refreshed though! Ahhhhhhhhh!!

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