Throwback Post: Pumpkin Cookies at the Library While Getting a Massage With Water and Coaching


October 18 2015:

Cheers to pumpkin pie cookies! It’s a Halloween-Party-Music-Cookie-Baking kinda afternoon! xoxo


October 18 2014:

Thomas and I LOVE and appreciate Dr. Emoto’s research and his beautiful book!!! Wonderful man whose soul will continue to shine so bright and beautifully!!


October 18 2013:

Library adventures while Thomas is at Lego Club! Love this library! Such a great selection of books.


October 18 2012:

Time for an hour of bliss at the magic hands of my gifted friend Tele …..


October 18 2011:

Module #2 of 16 – WooooHoooo!!


What a jam packed day today! Lillian and I were helpers this morning in Thomas’s class, then a massage appointment for both of us, then lunch, then ST and PT for Lillian and NOW . . . . in an hour and a half I get to teach the last session of the Social Media Tools class at Redfield Campus for Extended Studies – Continuing Education at the University of Nevada, Reno! I’m already ready for bed! Now this has been an adventurous day!


Just got D.J.’s {Friends of DJ Svoboda and the Imagifriends} artwork to be included on the cover of my book – D iz for Different! YAY!! Thanks D.J.!!

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