What He Likes Best About Our Nature Walks

September 4 2016:

On our sunset walk Thursday night Thomas answered a question from a friend. What does he like most and/or why does he like going for walks? I couldn’t remember the question so was fumbling with it. Thomas had a sore throat and wasn’t feeling his best. Yet, he still wanted to record a session. xoxo .. Let us know if you have a question for Thomas and Lillian.

Blissful and Rainy to Sunny Walk

April 10 2016: Damonte Ranch Park and Trail – Reno, Nevada

What is this feeling she wraps me with and pours into me? What is a word that encompasses love, joy, peace, gratitude, beauty, the knowing that everything is amazing no matter what’s going on?

Bliss, perhaps? That works for now. I’ll take these blissful times provided by Nature over just about anything else. I love our walks …. xoxo



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