Walks and Wildlife – Team TLC Bird And Animal Life List

September 4 2016:

We have been keeping a running list of birds and other animal life that we’ve gotten to experience since last August 2015. Thought it’d be fun to share it with YOU! Here it is in no particular order. I just added to it when I remembered. xoxoxo


Blue-Billed Ducks

Snowy Egret



Freshwater turtles

Ducks and ducklings

Geese and goslings

Eurasian or American Coots

One White Goose

Black birds


Song birds




Black Necked Stilt


Nutria or muskrat (not sure which)

Black-billed magpie

Peregrine Falcon



Monarch butterfly

Swallowtail butterflies

Garter snakes







What She Likes Best About Our Nature Walks

September 5 2016:

Walk tonight with Lillian. It’s getting cooler for these walks and still so beautiful! The killdeer were being really vocal tonight! Lillian answers a question from one of our friends in this one. Have a question you want answered? Let us know. xoxo

What He Likes Best About Our Nature Walks

September 4 2016:

On our sunset walk Thursday night Thomas answered a question from a friend. What does he like most and/or why does he like going for walks? I couldn’t remember the question so was fumbling with it. Thomas had a sore throat and wasn’t feeling his best. Yet, he still wanted to record a session. xoxo .. Let us know if you have a question for Thomas and Lillian.

Soft Sounds and Clarity and Pinecones

June 13 2016:

This morning’s walk … I heard soft sounds from the ducks, song birds, and the egret that I’d not heard before. I heard with deeper clarity. Interesting. xoxo

June 14 2016:

Tell me what you like most about today’s walk. He says, “The geese, ducks, and pinecones.” He collected pinecones during our walk last night so he could make a city.

Had my hands full of pinecones … With the imprints still lingering after I put them down when we got home. Magical clouds too! There’s a heart in one of the sky pictures. I’ll let you find it. Such a peaceful and invigorating walk. xoxo