One Way We Use The Gift of Nature


February 9 2016:

“I think, Lillian worries, Camilla just is.” – Thomas wisdom shared last night as we were reading in my bed before going to sleep …

He had a rough day yesterday. He made a choice at school that caused an un-lovely consequence.

On the ride home I let him know he could not use his digital time as he overused it in the morning. By the time we got home he was in much distress. He had a full blown meltdown when he got home and I knew we needed to go for a walk.

I shared how unhealthy it is to not let oneself feel and experience anger and other negative emotions. That we must find that place where we can let ourself feel it physically, being with it, and without hooking into the story of the negative emotion; which can cause us to be harsh with others.

Nature is a wonderful guide during times like these, times when we resist feeling the rawness of life. About an hour after our walk Thomas had settled into acceptance and we had a great night. May you take advantage of the gift of nature when needed. xoxo

Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 2.19.16

Reset Button and Beautiful Colors and Coots and Clarity walks

November 1 2016:

Beautiful afternoon walk ….. Going for walks is like pressing the reset button. So inspiring …. xoxo

walk-around-vintage-lake-11-1-16-1 walk-around-vintage-lake-11-1-16-2 walk-around-vintage-lake-11-1-16-3 walk-around-vintage-lake-11-1-16-4 walk-around-vintage-lake-11-1-16-5


November 3 2016:

Thomas and I enjoyed a wonderful walk yesterday afternoon! Such fabulous clouds too! Beautiful colors abound!!

thomas-and-camilla-walk-vintage-lake-11-3-16-1 thomas-and-camilla-walk-vintage-lake-11-3-16-2 thomas-and-camilla-walk-vintage-lake-11-3-16-3 thomas-and-camilla-walk-vintage-lake-11-3-16-4


November 3 2016:

I got to take Happy for a walk this morning and there was a beautiful pinkness in the distance. This kind of shows it, yet it was much more beautiful than this! xoxo



November 4 2016:

Oh so fabulous walk with Lillian yesterday afternoon. We stopped by a large gathering of coots who were eating grass. We stood in silence and listened to the sound of their grazing. It was incredibly beautiful and soothing. Similar to the sound of water running over rocks. xoxo

walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-11-3-16-1 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-11-3-16-2 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-11-3-16-3 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-11-3-16-4 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-11-3-16-5


November 4 2016:

Walk of clarity this morning!! Check out the ball floating in the middle of the lake. Is it hovering above the mountain or floating at the bottom of it? Perspective is a magical thing! xoxo


Peaceful and Wonderful and Wind and Leaves and Art and Clouds and Sunset

October 9 2016:

Such a peaceful and wonderful walk with Thomas this afternoon. We sat in the cool, green, shaded grass and watched a worm inch along, up and down blades of grass. These walks complete me …. Yes and thank you …. xoxo

walk-with-thomas-10-9-16-5 walk-with-thomas-10-9-16-4 walk-with-thomas-10-9-16-3 walk-with-thomas-10-9-16-2 walk-with-thomas-10-9-16-1


Mere words cannot describe how much I love this sound …. Soul love!! On the afternoon walk with Thomas today. xoxo


October 10, 2016:

It’s like the feeling when you slip into your favorite pair of comfy pants or slip into your favorite robe. That feeling. So wonderful …. Walk this morning … xoxo

walk-10-10-16-4 walk-10-10-16-3 walk-10-10-16-2 walk-10-10-16-1


October 10 2016:

On a walk this afternoon with Lillian …. I ask her, “What do you feel is the purpose of art?”

My phone ran out of storage before she got done. Last point from Lillian, “You can see art in nature, and then you can share nature with others through art.” xoxoxo


October 11 2016:

Walk with Lillian yesterday afternoon …. Cool clouds!!! xoxo

walk-with-lillian-10-10-16-4 walk-with-lillian-10-10-16-3 walk-with-lillian-10-10-16-2 walk-with-lillian-10-10-16-1


October 11 2016:

Such an amazing sunset last night. Lillian was adamant I must get outside and see it. She was right about that!! xoxo

sunset-10-10-16-4 sunset-10-10-16-3 sunset-10-10-16-2 sunset-10-10-16-1


October 11 2016:

Just can’t get enough of this beautiful tree and leaves. She posed again for me this morning. xoxo



October 12 2016:

Sunset walk with two of my favorite people. Lillian and I spotted this gorgeous bush. The birds were singing and we had a nearly full moon. Felt so good, so right. Our walks inspire me.

sunset-walk-10-12-16-4 sunset-walk-10-12-16-3 sunset-walk-10-12-16-2 sunset-walk-10-12-16-1


October 13 2016:

Walked out of the library today and this. I put everything down in my hands and looked at the magic nature creates. So amazing. Nature and photography inspire me. xoxo


What She Likes Best About Our Nature Walks

September 5 2016:

Walk tonight with Lillian. It’s getting cooler for these walks and still so beautiful! The killdeer were being really vocal tonight! Lillian answers a question from one of our friends in this one. Have a question you want answered? Let us know. xoxo