Song Birds and Windy and Wonderful and Peaceful

March 20 2017:

Heard and spotted on my walk this afternoon. Thomas’ favorite bird call. xoxo

March 23 2017:

Thomas and I had a wonderful walk this afternoon. Windy, wonderful, and a warm talk = Nature’s blessing …. xoxo

Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 3.23.17 #4 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 3.23.17 #3 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 3.23.17 #2 Walk with Thomas Vintage Lake 3.23.17 #1

March 25 2017:

Just back from collecting these for a fun, inspiring, and creative project. And this is not even half of them! Beautiful and peaceful walk and gathering expedition. xoxo

Solo Walk Collecting Sticks 3.25.17 #2 Solo Walk Collecting Sticks 3.25.17 #1


Reset Button and Beautiful Colors and Coots and Clarity walks

November 1 2016:

Beautiful afternoon walk ….. Going for walks is like pressing the reset button. So inspiring …. xoxo

walk-around-vintage-lake-11-1-16-1 walk-around-vintage-lake-11-1-16-2 walk-around-vintage-lake-11-1-16-3 walk-around-vintage-lake-11-1-16-4 walk-around-vintage-lake-11-1-16-5


November 3 2016:

Thomas and I enjoyed a wonderful walk yesterday afternoon! Such fabulous clouds too! Beautiful colors abound!!

thomas-and-camilla-walk-vintage-lake-11-3-16-1 thomas-and-camilla-walk-vintage-lake-11-3-16-2 thomas-and-camilla-walk-vintage-lake-11-3-16-3 thomas-and-camilla-walk-vintage-lake-11-3-16-4


November 3 2016:

I got to take Happy for a walk this morning and there was a beautiful pinkness in the distance. This kind of shows it, yet it was much more beautiful than this! xoxo



November 4 2016:

Oh so fabulous walk with Lillian yesterday afternoon. We stopped by a large gathering of coots who were eating grass. We stood in silence and listened to the sound of their grazing. It was incredibly beautiful and soothing. Similar to the sound of water running over rocks. xoxo

walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-11-3-16-1 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-11-3-16-2 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-11-3-16-3 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-11-3-16-4 walk-with-lillian-vintage-lake-11-3-16-5


November 4 2016:

Walk of clarity this morning!! Check out the ball floating in the middle of the lake. Is it hovering above the mountain or floating at the bottom of it? Perspective is a magical thing! xoxo


Sunset or Sunrise – Lillian

September 9 2016:

On our walk tonight Lillian answers a friends question … Which do you like better, a sunrise or sunset? Plus, she shares about a huge accomplishment she achieved today! Got a question for us? xoxo