Amazing and Beauty and Colors

October 17 2018:

Sunset walk with Lillian Darnell tonight. Oh my gosh! Such amazing beauty and colors. 🍁🍁

October 18 2018:

Hour long walk this morning in which I used the time to love the discomfort that had risen to the surface. It went deep. Ahhhh … Grateful for the beauty and innocence of nature and for facilitating feeling and releasing. 💚🌏💙 … Writing a more in depth post to share more …

By the Shine of the Moon and Beautiful and Peaceful and Loving

May 3 2017:

Thomas and I had an extremely rough night last night with addressing one another’s thorns and triggers. This was after those life lessons …

Playing in the sprinklers by the shine of the moon last night with Thomas. Mother Nature is an incredible gift to us.

Much needed. So grateful to Mother Nature!


A just-after-sunset walk for all three of us tonight. Incredibly beautiful and peaceful. xoxo

Team TLC After Sunset Walk 5.3.17 #3 Team TLC After Sunset Walk 5.3.17 #2 Team TLC After Sunset Walk 5.3.17 #1

May 5 2017:

Solo sunset walk for me yesterday. These are interesting times indeed. Grateful for Mother Nature and her loving embrace. xoxo

Solo Walk Vintage Lake Sunset 5.5.17

Little Sleeping Buds and Freezing

December 29 2016:

I love the little sleeping buds on trees. Finally got to take a walk yesterday morning and briefly played around with the macro lens I received as a gift. Thanks Momma! Can’t wait to play with it more. “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt

December 29 2016:
Fun walk with Thomas this afternoon! Love watching the changes with the water slowly freezing.
walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-12-29-16-1 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-12-29-16-2 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-12-29-16-3 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-12-29-16-4 walk-with-thomas-vintage-lake-12-29-16-5

What He Likes Best About Our Nature Walks

September 4 2016:

On our sunset walk Thursday night Thomas answered a question from a friend. What does he like most and/or why does he like going for walks? I couldn’t remember the question so was fumbling with it. Thomas had a sore throat and wasn’t feeling his best. Yet, he still wanted to record a session. xoxo .. Let us know if you have a question for Thomas and Lillian.