A Philosophy of Walking by Camilla Downs

A Philosophy of Walking

And she walked.
And she walked.
She walked until
Arriving at
The home of
Peace and Joy.
Discovering once there,
She had been
Here all along.

I went for an hour long walk this morning. My body and mind did not want to go. I went anyway.

Just as a cool glass of water slakes my thirst on a scorching hot day, going for walks quenches the thirst of my soul and heart to know my true self, to heal, to release, to allow joy, and to be at peace. Walking guides me in the loving way to process life, to fulfill life, and to let life be.

For the past 18 years I have been going for walks. The meaning and depth of the walks have ….

A Philosophy of Walking


By the Shine of the Moon and Beautiful and Peaceful and Loving

May 3 2017:

Thomas and I had an extremely rough night last night with addressing one another’s thorns and triggers. This was after those life lessons …

Playing in the sprinklers by the shine of the moon last night with Thomas. Mother Nature is an incredible gift to us.

Much needed. So grateful to Mother Nature!


A just-after-sunset walk for all three of us tonight. Incredibly beautiful and peaceful. xoxo

Team TLC After Sunset Walk 5.3.17 #3 Team TLC After Sunset Walk 5.3.17 #2 Team TLC After Sunset Walk 5.3.17 #1

May 5 2017:

Solo sunset walk for me yesterday. These are interesting times indeed. Grateful for Mother Nature and her loving embrace. xoxo

Solo Walk Vintage Lake Sunset 5.5.17